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Seahawks won't sell playoff tix to anyone with a CA address


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They can do whatever they'd like. What's the big deal?

I see no problem with it either. Fans of other teams are just jealous that the 12th man is the loudest and most passionate in the league, and that we actually have a home field advantage.

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Apparently the Seahawks are concerned they'll only end up with 11 1/2 men if CA residents are allowed to buy.


I see nothing wrong with this. The Seahawks have a strong fanbase, why let some douchebag SF fans into our house?


I wish the Angels would do this for the Red Sox and Yankees games, but they need the ticket money. The Seahawks don't! 

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Seriously though. If you're a Niners fan, would you want to go to this game or party it up at a 49ers bar with all your friends and fans?


I wouldn't pay the money to watch the game in person if it was in SF this weekend.


I love going to the games and all, but I still prefer taking it all in on my 65 inch HD tv with surround sound in my house with a bunch of friends and Seahawks fans. But that's just me.

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the chargers did something similar to prevent raiders fans from infesting the Q a few years ago.


i have no issue with this - they can do what they like. if i were a niners fan planning on going to the game i might feel differently, but screw the niners.

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No.  In 2009/10 in downtown HB on sundays we used to see maybe 3-5 people with niners gear on and some of them were guys we knew who were originally from Nor Cal.  Starting in 2011 more and more suddenly showed up and they eventually took over one of the bigger bars and it's now a niners bar on game day.  I'm guessing many of them were formerly Charger fans because when more people started showing up in niner gear there were fewer people wearing chargers gear.  It reminds me of USC during the Leinart and Bush years when you'd see car and balcony flags pop up belonging to supposed die hard fans.


As far as the seahawks not seling to CA residents I'm sure they'll still have no problem selling the game out and I don't have an issue with it.       

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Ha ha, Nate hates Petey so very, very bad.


Nate, let it go man.  It's not good for you.


Yeah I don't get the hate, unless you're just a UCLA alum and jealous of Carroll's dominance over the Bruins during his reign.


All of the players love to play for Pete Carroll.

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The move had some in an outrage, but Niners coach Jim Harbaugh apparently isn’t one of them. As a matter of fact, he actually respects the idea.

“Well, it’s within the rules,” Harbaugh said, via Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group. “It’s within the spirit of the rules of the National Football League. I actually respect it, what you’re trying to do for your team, put them in the best possible position to win that you can.


“And I respect that their organization does that for their team. They do that in a lot of ways, with their team, with their fans, with their organization. So, what do I think of it? I respect it.”

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I don't know if Harbaugh agreeing with it is a good/bad thing.


In essence...all it really does is give Seahawk fans first dibs and from what I'm hearing..a lot of other teams have done the same thing in the past?


Don't like it? Stay at home, go to a bar...or pay 500-1000 bucks on stubhub. It's called home field advantage for a reason and the Hawks are taking advantage of it..fine.


If the Angels wanted to do the same thing (for a big game) and not have other teams fan (Red Sox/Yankees/Dodgers most specifically) flood their stands.. I say go ahead.


It's their field and their rules.

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