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Programming Note: Orem Owlz Interviews

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As many of you know, last week I was in Orem conducting interviews with the players and coaches to try and get to know many of the most recent additions to our organization. I had a great time, and there is a LOT of talent on that team! Angels fans, if you haven't started following them, you should--many of these guys will make names for themselves as they move up the organizational ladder. I won't be surprised if several of them even get a jump over Burlington next year and go straight to Inland Empire.


While there aren't many games left on their season, I would highly suggest tuning into to their radio broadcasts at www.oremowlz.com and even joining the live chat (which can be found under the Fan Zone tab off the top menu) during their games. Trevor Amicone does a great job calling the game and follows along during the chat to make it a much more interactive experience. With the Owlz in the playoff hunt, it is especially exciting to listen to their games.


Over the next few weeks, I will be posting the interviews that I got during my time in Orem. Starting today with the manager Bill Richardson, I will post one player's interview per day during the week (Mon-Fri) to give each person his time to shine. These guys are good guys who are working hard to make their dream of making the Major Leagues, and our dreams of winning another World Series come true. So relax and enjoy over the next few weeks as you get to know the newest players in our system.

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Thanks Chuck.


I wouldn't focus too much on their differences. Both are great managers. Bill is a little bit more mellow than Tom, but both are preaching and teaching the same things. In fact, that's one of the things that I found interesting was to see how many similarities there were between the two (although Tom was well known for his practical jokes whereas I haven't heard of any to the same level under Bill). Both are molding young players into professional athletes. Both worked on the fundamentals. There is an Angels way of doing things in the Minor Leagues. Here is a good article on Bill as a manager that talks about managing in the Angels organization rather than the Rangers: http://www.baseballsacramento.com/Spotlight-BillRichardson.html


If you had to push me on one big difference between the two, it comes down to something specific about the bus trips that the team takes throughout the season. Gone are the days of videos of "The Rock". Everyone who played under Kotchman always talked about his love for that star (and how often they watched those videos) whereas under Bill, there has been a wider selection on the road trips!

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