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Michael Conforto: Should the Angels be interested?


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Michael Conforto plays a decent RF and would be much better than Rojas there defensively. Marsh and Adell can continue to platoon in LF unless Adell pulls a 2020 again 3-4 weeks into the season. 

Conforto holds a career .255/.356/.468 slash line with an .824 OPS.

Seasons BB% K% HardHit% Barrel% xBA xSLG xwOBA O-Swing% O-Contact% Z-Swing% Z-Contact% SwStr%
2015-2020 12.10% 24.20% 39.40% 10.20% 0.251 0.469 0.354 27.10% 59.90% 67.30% 84.10% 10.80%
2021 12.30% 21.70% 39.10% 9.20% 0.253 0.435 0.35 27.60% 69.20% 67.30% 84.10% 9.60%

Conforto's plate discipline has always been good and that didn’t change in 2021; he walked at the same spectacular rate. He swung and missed less than he has recently, which translated to his lowest strikeout rate since his rookie year.

If you look at the quality of contact Conforto hit the ball hard (95+ mph) at a rate nearly identical to what he’s shown he’s capable of, producing very similar expected stats in batting average and weighted on-base average. There was a small drop off in barrel rate which backs up a slightly lower expected slugging percentage. Barrels are what Statcast considers batted balls with the “perfect combination of exit velocity and launch angle” which often lead to home runs. Conforto hit more than 25 home runs each season from 2017 to 2019 while only hitting 14 in 2021, translating to a lower slugging percentage.


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The Angels didn't have the money available to get their hands on better pitching, they most certainly wouldn't have the money available to upgrade the corner outfield where the Angels boast two of the best (former) outfield prospects at the same time. 

As uncomfortable as it is, Marsh and Adell need to take their lumps so they can develop into the studs they're capable of being. Platooning them or stashing Adell in AAA helps nobody.

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but Marsh is getting better and better with more playing time and is showing he's ready for more. Adell will get there in time. 

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In an emergency, we've got MAGNEURIS.

In all seriousness, I'm hoping that Monte Harrison can be this year's Brendon Davis. He could be a nice clean peanut.

And then there's Davis, who is playing some OF in AAA.

The point being, I would go with the Trout-Ward-Adell-Marsh plan. If it doesn't work - either due to injury or Adell continuing his Blashpression - then I'd look at Harrison, Davis, maybe Sierra, Lund, O Martinez, even Cabbage or B Martinez.

I think, also, they wouldn't even consider bringing in another outfielder until mid-season. They dumped Upton, so that implies a degree of commitment to the Marsh-Adell Experiment.

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23 hours ago, Chuckster70 said:

Jose Rojas just looks like a decent backup and 4-A player IMO. He has no business being up in the big leagues just because he tears the cover off the ball in Arizona and in the PCL...and he can play multiple positions which we all know, flicks Joe Maddon's nipples. 

I agree but if you put Conforto on the team you will not see Adell play at all no matter what level Conforto plays at. Maddon will play Conforto and Ward with Adell wasting time in AAA. Screw that. 

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15 minutes ago, UndertheHalo said:

I think the Angels should let the outfield situation shake out with Adell, Marsh and Ward.  I like Conforto but the money needs to be put in other places.  The middle infield is a disaster.  Also, hopefully it works out with Thor and we can keep him around for a while.  Also Ohtani. 

Sign Trea Turner in off season

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