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More stunning news...


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Since stunning news about cheaters seem to be all the rage right now, I have a bit of news to break right here and right now.

I have it on good authority that Mike Scioscia....  Well... Ummm.  How do I say this?  This is hard to write, folks.  Please bear with me.  Ok... here it goes...

Sources close to his kitchen have confirmed that Mike Scioscia uses Ragu spaghetti sauce and doesn't make his sauce from scratch. I know this will come  as a shock to many of you and you will probably think less of this man, but I ask you to please forgive him. Scioscia released the following statement through Jeff Mathis yesterday.  "I have deep remorse for my actions and have enlisted the council of Emeril  Lagasse to help me learn how to make my sauce from scratch. I am sorry for any harm this may have caused any of my fans or those who have shared a meal prepared by me in the past.  I also ask that you please respect my family's privacy during this time as I seek to make amends to those I have trespassed against."

Now we know why none of the managerial vacancies have resulted in the hiring of MS.


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3 minutes ago, fan_since79 said:

Strad is the arbiter of what's good or not good in the postings here. 

A sort of quality cop, if you will. 

He's just dinging me here because I've made a few INO jokes about their fries over the years. It's all good.

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When it comes to a meat sauce (my preferred sauce for most pastas) I've made my own but I honestly prefer a Prego Mushroom base. I cook up some 73% lean beef, ground italian sausage and let it simmer in the Prego. I add a lot of garlic powder, red pepper and salt. As good as it gets for me. I'm 0.00% Italian.

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2 minutes ago, fan_since79 said:

I find the Stouffer's frozen lasagna better than anything I've had in a restaurant.

Is that heresy? (Disclaimer: I'm also 0% Italian.)


I love that shit but I like the legit stuff better. 



This place has the best lasagna I've ever had. Met the owners. They're from Bologna. The old lady makes everything by hand. 

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