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Phillies trade Hamels to Rangers, sources say


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I love this trade. I wonder who the Rangers gave up for a rental. Not that they seem all that deep. Rangers are in worse shape then the Angels. They aren't going no wheres.

At the rate things are going there could very well be going to a wild card game against the Angels, the winner of which will face the Royals in the ALDS

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A 3 yr rental? With a option for a 4th yr


Yup, hes far from a rental and he's cheap compared to the going rate for pitchers with his resume.


So the Rangers get stronger.


Josh has 2 hits again tonight.


Astros working us over right now.


Where is the fight in this club?


Just out of curiosity..   have you ever looked at Hamels career interleague numbers?


Averages allowed -- .280/.329/.495 - .824...     190 IP, 209 H, 49 BB, 171 K, 1.356 WHIP -- 35 HR allowed. 4.73 ERA


It's going to be interesting to see how he does in that park, and in the AL full time.

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No he doesn't, fielder has been better offensively this year by a good margin. He has a top 10 OPS in the AL. His contract is also less years and less money.

How about Hamilton, Wilson, and weaver?


Dude -- what he said is correct.  Albert Pujols has a better WAR.    The OPS, the contract -- none of that changes the reality that Fielder is a DH, only, so his WAR is lower..  


I like Prince, I like what he's overcome, but there are some things he's doing that may or may not be worrisome indicators.   From what I can tell by actually watching him hit he seems to be making a real effort to beat shifts and the sort -- so it may all be by design.  But when you see a guy with a career BABIP of .306 suddenly put up a number 40 points higher, and his pull rates and ISO drop, it may be a sign.


He's an interesting guy to watch moving forward.  He's dropped his K rate considerably, but his walk rate has somewhat cratered.   Its like he's become an extreme contact guy.

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He is coming from Philly stadium, where a pop up is 3 rows deep in the seats


And where he got to face pitchers.   Those interleague numbers are what they are.   A career 4.70+ ERA and 800 OPS allowed speaks for itself.   Whether its any real indication of what to expect remains to be seen -- but that's his pitching line.


Also, that park is kinder to LHPs despite its reputation for easy offense.   Its three year pitching park factors rate it as perfectly nuetral.   Go back to the previous 3 year sample and again -- its 100.   Go back three more years to account for Hamels entire time in the league and bam -- another 100.


Sucks when the facts sort of undermine the narrative, huh?







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