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Favorite baseball movie

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As for me, I don't have a favorite... I have several that I watch for different occasions.


1.  Bull Durham

     I love this one because it is almost the epitomy of how baseball is.  From the travel to superstitions to hot groupies and rain-outs, it's a perfect rain-delay movie.  I was hooked from the time we walked-in late, just in time for the meeting-on-the-mound scene.  My sister lives in the Raleigh/Durham area, and I force her to plan at least one trip to the DAP per visit.


2.  Long Gone

     This one was an HBO production that has yet to see a dvd release... and it's a tragedy!  William Peterson is "Stud" Cantrell, player/manager of the Minor League Stogies.  Do youself a favor and seek it out.


3.  Field of Dreams  

     I love this one because it re-kindles the passion and history of baseball.  I need to watch this one alone; you all know of the final scenes and why.


4.  The Rookie

      This is a great true-story.  I tried-out for my hometown minor-minor league team when I was 42, in part inspired by this one.  Like all baseball movies, it's about finding motivation to perform/succeed.


5.  Fever Pitch

     I love this movie because they were able to catch the excitement/fandemonium of the Sox '04 Championship run.  It cracks me up at how many similarities I see in those fans and us vs. our girlfriends/wives.


6.  The Bad News Bears

      Everybody played little league and can relate to this one...


7.  Major League

     This one came out at a time when I was also rooting for the Tribe for some reason I can't remember...


8.  For Love of the Game

     This is a good date movie, or a way to introduce your girl to your insanity of being a baseball fan.  It also has a scene that was filmed in LB (exterior, when she comes to visit, and interrupts his massage).


9.  The Natural

     Like Field of Dreams, this one gets into the mystical-side of baseball a bit.  I also like that it's set in the old-days of ball.


10. A League of Their Own

      A great movie about the women filling-in for the men away at war.  Tom Hanks steals the show as manager.


Others....  The Final Season, Moneyball, Stealing Home, Trouble with the Curve.


*  Beerleague!  Arte Langes' take on beerleague softball.  It's not baseball, but it really hits close to home when the guys are busting-chops.  I've gotta watch this one before any of my "Big" games.  I've also really enjoyed "Eastbound and Down" 


We'll be bringing the laptop to Spring Training again this year for late-night baseball movies at the hot-tub...

Which ones do you all have to watch?


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All mentioned are great, favorite will always be Major League.


61* was a great one as well.

61*  is a great one too!  It just didn't come to mind....

But, then again, neither did Angels in the Outfield, Hardball, or Benchwarmers.... lol

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Others of note.  Well, not that they are good.  But baseball movies.  Mr. Baseball.  Mr.  3000.  a League of their Own.  The Rookie.


Here is IMDB's list of baseball movies. 


Also, coincidentally, Yahoo had an article on how every baseball team somehow made it into films.  Some were obvious, some not so.



From the big leagues to the big screen: Movie appearances by all 30 MLB teams

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GB, I liked Mr. Baseball, because it gave insight into the way the game is played in Japan. Another good one, although it is a miniseries rather than a movie, is The Bronx is Burning. It's about the Yankees of the late 1970s and all the drama with Reggie Jackson, Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner. Very well done. A nice feature is that they included a lot of the news items going on in the city at the time, like the Son of Sam killings and the mayoral election when Ed Koch was elected.

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