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Winners from season Game #162, 9/28/14 vs. Seattle are shown below.  Total Predictions – 15, Total Points – 4.


4 Points, 2 Points




3 Points


Sherlock31…..Navarro 1-3, 1 single


1 Point


JAHV76…..Conger 1 single





The PREDICTION GAME results are now FINAL, and the full results follow this summary.  This completes the fifth year that we have conducted this contest.


Congratulations to JAHV76, the 2014 Champion.  JAHV76 had an historic finish to a great season of predicting, scoring a total of points over the entire 2014 season.  He wins the grand prize of $100 to be presented by our board founder - Chuck Richter.  The 133(26) total points he scored are an All Time Record since game inception.  He also set an all time record for 3 and/or 4 pointers in a season of 26.   His monthly splits in 2014 were: 14/36/23/18/25/17.  The 36 points scored in May are an all time monthly record.

The Player of the Month Award for September 2014 goes to  Jellybean with 18 points scored in the month, besting several others who were close behind with 17 points.


The second place finisher is AngelsAndRamsFan, with a season total of 126(22) points.  Last year’s champion couldn’t quite repeat and that's a really tough feat, but still had an outstanding year, and wins $50 in Angel Bucks good anywhere at the stadium.


The third place finisher is TCB, with a season total of 123(23) points, thus winning $30 in Angel Bucks good anywhere at the Stadium.  TCB was also named player of the month twice in 2014 for his scores in June and August.  Great job TCB!  


The Rookie of the Year award goes to Sherlock31 who finished 8th with 87(14) points. Sorry Sherlock31, no prize, but we can all certainly appreciate the effort.



Here are some summary statistics for your review:


Number of Predictions Made:  2014 – 4,441, 2013 – 5,060, 2012 – 5,374


Number of Correct 3 and/or 4 points predictions:  2014 – 340 (7.7%) , 2013 – 318 (6.3%); 2012 – 247 (4.6%)


Number of Players Scoring at Least One Point:  2014 – 67, 2013 - 81; 2012 – 119


Most 1 Pointers in 2014:  51 – JAHV76 


Most 2 Pointers in 2014:  21 - NachoPop


Most 3 Pointers in 2014:  26 - JAHV76


Most 4 Pointers in 2014:   3 –  Ray McKigney 



Players of the Month for 2014:


                      April:             AngelsAndRamsFan           

                         May:              JAHV76

                         June:              TCB

                         July:               Ray McKigney     

                         August:          TCB

                         September:    Jellybean



The following 10 Players earned All Star Status in 2014 for their performance up to the All Star Break:






            Jeff M

            Ray McKigney








2014 Record for Most Predictions Made in a Day:  58 (March 31st – Game #1)  


Most Points Scored in a Month All-Time:  36 – JAHV76 (May 2014) 


Most Points Scored in a Year All-Time:  133 – JAHV76 (2014)



Champions List:


               2014 - JAHV76

                 2013 – AngelsAndRamsFan

                 2012 – Soto Speaks

                 2011 – m0nkey

                 2010 – tomsred



For everyone else your place in immortality is recorded below.  I appreciate the effort and commitment level from everyone who played the game this year, the good sportsmanship, the funny moments, and especially your attention to the dreaded Rules of the Game.


For those who participated for the full year, I think the Game Day Prediction Game illustrates how grueling the season really is, for those playing this game, and for the players on the field as well.  It takes a lot of discipline to win, along with some luck, and a lot of attention to detail.  In the end only a few survive the process to finish strong, and only one truly wins. 


Have a great post season everyone.  I will hope to see many of you at future AngelsWin events, and eventually at Spring Training in 2015.  Go Angels!!!



Please find below the FINAL 2014 Prediction Game Final Standings for your reference.






1.    JAHV76.....133(26)  [May Player of the Month, AS14, AS13, AS12]


2.    AngelsAndRamsFan.....126(22)  [April Player of the Month, AS14, AS13, AS12]


3.    TCB.....123(23)  [June and August Player of the Month, AS14, AS12]


4.    Redondo.....121(19)  [AS14, AS13, AS12]


5.    Jeff M.....119(23)  [AS14, AS13]


6.    Ray McKigney.....114(25)  [July Player of the Month, AS14, AS13]


7.    HeavenlyHalos.....91(18)  [AS13]


8.    Sherlock31.....87(14)  [Rookie of the Year]


9.    SOTO.....87(13)  [AS14, AS12]


10.  SoCalSportsFan.....84(12)  [AS13]


11.  Jellybean.....83(11) [september Player of the Month]


12.  Ochocinco.....80(13)  [AS14, AS12]


13.  bigfish27.....80(12)


14.  katrinab.....76(4)  [AS12]


15.  tomsred**.....72(7)


16.  angelfan61.....64(10)


17.  2002_halos_II.....64(7)


18.  NachoPop.....55(2)


19.  Halofan.....53(8)  [AS14]


20.  19HALO71.....53 (1)


21.  paws*.....52(8)  [AS13]


22.  ZachMartin1994.....49(7)  [AS14]


23.  Tank.....45(4)


24.  ScottLux.....41(4)


25.  ELEVEN.....38(5)


26.  nando714.....38(3)


27.  BatsnBeer.....37(4)


28.  GoodTimesGoneBad.....34(4)  [AS13]


29.  Jammer36.....29(3)


30.  HaloFromVegas.....29(2)


31.  laagamer.....28(2)


32.  iiisenordingdong.....26(4)


33.  CM Punk.....25(3)


34.  Troutipoo27.....23(3)


35.  The Dude.....19(4)


36.  EDinTUSTIN.....15


37.  cezero.....12(2)


38.  Jimmag.....12(1)


39.  Halohappy.....11(2)


40.  Kenny.....11(1)


41.  Kody Mac.....10(2)


42.  Diaz15.....7


43.  Geoff.....6(1)


44.  Poozy.....6


45.  open_speed.....5(1)


46.  Angels_Baseball.....5


47T. Lawrence.....3

47T. nate.....3

47T. SoWhat.....3


50T. Agailoch.....2

50T. disarcina.....2

50T. Hollywood.....2

50T. Pbonetheman.....2

50T. rageous.....2

50T. Stradling.....2

50T. TooCool.....2

50T. TeemuTrout.....2


58T. Adam.....1

58T. BleedRed.....1


58T. Homebrewer.....1

58T. rick99gtp.....1

58T. scooby10672.....1

58T. the14thjoey.....1

58T. Vladdylonglegs.....1

58T. wda258.....1

58T. zenmaster.....1


The number in parenthesis followng the total points is the total number of 3 or 4 point games correctly predicted (used as a first tie breaker).


AS designates All Star followed by the year the predictor was named an All Star.


*Conflict of interest participant, not eligible to win or win prizes.

**Administrator, not eligible to win or win prizes.


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