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AngelsWin.com 2013 Spring Fanfest Thread


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I believe we're up to 160 or higher (need to talk to Brian), but if you haven't paid and are contemplating it it's $40 for dinner and to attend our event in the Fiesta Resorts Ballroom on March 16th at 5:00 PM.


For those who have RSVP'd from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/449544885104757/


Our latest list of those who have RSVP'd from the old forum.


RSVP: Going

Chuck Richter
David Saltzer +1
Brian Ilten
Thomas Crow + 3
Geoff StoddÅrt +3
Ellen Bell +1
Mark Byrne + 2
Michåel J Fournier
KÅtie Rose Barba +1
TrÅcy Guy StoddÅrt
KÅtie Evleth Bradford +2
Todd Drollinger
Tiia Antrim
Justin Antrim
John Kienitz
Malle Kienitz
Ålyssa Joy Dacut
Janae Dacut
Aaron Voorhees +1
Eric Notti +1
Bruce Nye
James Doss
Troy Brown
Timmy D Hilliard
Denise Alvara Gillett
Rose Fuentes
Mickie Terry Figueroå +2
Derek Gomez +1
Jody Brown Tierney
Kyle Morrissey
Johnny Reyes
Freddy PreciÅdo
Tony Mena
MelÅnie BreÅnn
Timothy Nelson
Debbie Deb
Mathew van den Hof
Brian Waller +2
Nick Mancini
Laina Mancini
Gail Becker
Jeremy Long
John Dodd +1
Bobster + 3
Scott Thurman
Jonathan Shupe
Jodi Oliver
David Gonzalez
Jim TrevorrÅh
Cassy Carlson + 1
Roshawn Robinson +1
Greg Bird +3
Richard Freeze +3
Christian Ilten
Jonathan Ilten
Britany Taylor
Karin Laufer
Bobby Down
Juan Carlos Vazquez
Jim Macklin
Tony Mena
Freddy PreciÅdo
Barbie Kennard
Rebecca Kennard
Ken Kennard
Matt Menashe
John Steverding
Tim Staffell +2
Mike Sword
James Doss
David DuBois
Mike Henning
George Tarkanian
Kevin Boyer +1
Joey Perez +his entourage (maybe 4?)
Joboo +2
Shelley Campion Secrest +1-2
Ken Lewis
Lane Jay Poppe
Juan Orozco
Adam Knoxx
Damon Watson
Lori Garrison Martin
Stephanie White-Johnson
Tracey Flynn
Alfredo Pantoja
JÅne Burns Wiles
Amy Galindo
Jodi Oliver
Rachael Ford
Kerry Lavin
Becky & Glen (2)
Rick Dykhuizen
Stephen Carney
Manaurys Romero Correa
Lon May
Matt Markley +1
Diane Worthington Young
Julie Padelford Elmquist
J.d. Elmquist
Jenny Chakan-Moss
Rich Cabral
Drew Reams +1
Adam Bomb +1
Mike Piazza
Michelle Sommer Skidmore
Debbie Wooters +1

Mike Lowery

Special Guests:
(Subject to change based on availability)

Arte Moreno
Jerry Dipoto
Tim Mead
Victor Rojas +1
Alden Gonzalez
Mike DiGiovanna
Jeff Fletcher
Kole Calhoun +1
Randal Grichuk
Travis Witherspoon
(perhaps more)


* If you want to go send payment of $40 via PayPal to: angelswinevents@gmail.com


If you cannot go but want to donate toward the event, you can PayPal to angelswinevents@gmail.com and note in the message box that your $$$ is toward the event.


Please add your name to the list if you're paid up and going! JUST THREE WEEKS AWAY!

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Wish I was going that weekend, but I just wanted to add that Kiltlifter beer is available by the case out at Costco in Phoenix and Tempe. So peeps can bring some back home if so inclined.

Four Peaks is a fun atmosphere with good food and great beer.

Also try Cornish Pasty over in Tempe for some more good beer and great pub grub.

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The AngelsWin Spring Training FanFest is only a few weeks away! The Board of Directors has been working hard and creating a great event and we hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are! This email will cover a couple of key points concerning your meal selections and the registration process.
Meal Selections: Adults have a choice between Chicken Enchilada and Fish Tacos (descriptions below). Kids will receive Chicken Tenders and French Fries. All
entrees would include a Green Salad, Rolls and Butter (unless chips are noted above), Dessert, and Coffee and Iced Tea Service.


Chicken wrapped in Two Tortillas, smothered in Verde Chili
Sauce and Monterey Jack Cheese
Served with Spanish Rice, Charro Beans, Chips
and Salsa

Fish Tacos

Roughy topped with Shredded Cabbage, Pineapple Salsa in White Corn
Served with Charro Beans and Spanish Rice


Selections must be made by Wed, March 6. Even if you already selected, please respond! If no selection has been made by that time, everyone in your party will automatically receive Chicken Enchiladas.

Registration and no host bar OPEN at 4:00pm: To stream line registration, when you arrive at the Fiesta Conference Center you will check in at AngelsWin registration under your party name (LAST NAME of person paying for the reservation) and receive a welcome packet including wristbands, name badges, and dinner tickets for all in your party.


Wristbands must be worn at all times.

There will be no entry into the ballroom without them. There is no seating chart for the dinner. Tables are first come first serve with the exception of the reserved tables for special guests. Ballroom doors will open at 5:00 pm There will be no entry prior to 5:00 pm. Dinner tickets will be picked up by your server and will ensure that you receive the correct meal selection.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact me here. We look forward to seeing you in Tempe and wish you safe travel!

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So... my idiot buddy seems to have finalized his vacation.  We'll be rolling into the Buttes in time to dump luggage and head to the left field bump for the game on St. Paddys Day!  We'll be there til the next Monday... He's too damn cheap and a creature of habit to go the any of the fan-fest stuff; I'm sure our friends the "AZZ-Clowns" have an evening of green-drinking planned for us anyway.

If any of yuall are out near the grass, come-by and hava beer!  I'll probly be sporting my red LB hat (shirtless; if I can round into shape and cure my whiteness in time  :D )

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There are a few FanFest attendees who have not responded to emails requesting meal selection.  I just sent out an email to these 10 members again...

Deadline to choose is TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 6.
If we do not hear from you, Chicken Enchiladas will automatically be chosen for everyone in your party.*

We want everyone to choose for themselves, but deadlines are deadlines.

Thanks for getting back to us immediately.

*Children's meal consists of Chicken Tenders and Fries, regardless.




If you have not made your selection, make it today, and email angelswinevents@gmail.com

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