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  1. Ive seen Cahill - on a good day he's solid but not much of an upgrade. I think Skaggs and Shoe are better.
  2. Anyone have a resource to see what starters are "out there" and worthy of consideration? Furthermore, can we even AFFORD, cash/otherwise another starter? I can't see us being able to do anything else without touching the 25 man roster and frankly, I don't think I wanna mess with the chemistry.
  3. does anyonbe know if the Angels are one of the 20 teams he would block a trade to? Not that we even have enough to get him.
  4. Does anybody have any clue when the only Angel to come up with, play his entire career with, and retire with the team will have his number #15 retired!? His greatness as a Halo transcends statistics, even though his stats are more than respectable. I'm sure there will be many who will give reasons Salmon isn't worthy, frankly speaking, spare me
  5. You know, perhaps this is what happens when you become an out of market fan. You aren't buying season tickets any longer, you aren't spending 25% of your income on Halo related materials, you aren't able to watch 162 games and go through each and every single good/bad pitch throughout a 162 game season. This wasn't meant to call anyones fanhood out nor was it a call to accept mediocrity. Of COURSE we can do better and of COURSE that's what I want. 11 good years aren't going to "hold me over" for another 20. I was just trying to put a little perspective on the matter. Someone mentioned how where would this site be if it had started in the 70's or 80's?? Where would this site be if not for the social media environment we find ourselves in today where you can rant and cheer for anything you want to and be noticed by 100's if not 100's of thousands within a few minutes?? Who knows. And Ukyah, you are the first person to call anything I've ever said on this forum "BS", congratulations.
  6. I sometimes read posts and wonder why are we all griping SO much. Don't we have better things to flip out over in April!? As a kid and young adult, being an Angels fan was never about a winning season. It was JUST about going to a ball game, enjoying the surroundings and hoping we won the game I was at. Maybe I was just young, but what I WAS more than anything was "without expectations". Winning the whole thing in 2002 was so far beyond my wildest dreams, I can't even put it into words. Winning back to back western titles and going to the playoffs 3 times in 5 years was unbelievable. Winning back to Back to BACK 07-09 - are you kidding me!? I have to admit that after 2005 (when we SHOULD have made it to the series, thanks Doug Eddings) when we couldn't make it confidently deep into the playoffs, I became fine with getting in and winning a series. Shoot, sweeping Boston in 2009 WAS my WS - I truly didn't even care about passing the Yankees that year because sweeping Boston in the playoffs was probably up there with winning another title - something I never thought would ever happen. Not to get all "history lesson" on everyone but my point is, we as fans, have NEVER had it so good! We went from 1961 to 1979 before we even made the playoffs. From then, we made it only two more times over the next 7 years. That means 3 playoff appearances in FORTY years!! Since 2002 this franchise and it's fans have had, an 11 year stretch where we made the playoffs 6 times, 5 as West Champs (1 repeat and a 3 peat), reached the ALCS 3 times and won a World Championship!! ALL this after a 16 year playoff drought, 2 ownership changes,3 uniform changes, a players strike...need I go on?? If you would have told ME in 2002, opening day, that those were things that were GOING to happen, over the next 11 years I'd have looked at you like you were a drunk Red Sox fan. I still get pissed when we lose dumb games. Angels blood runs thru my veins and has since 1979 (read my signature). At the same time, I'm not going to gripe n b!tch and whine when we are 5 games down in April because ya know what bro, I've BEEN there, DONE that. We have 144 games to go and the baseball season is more like an Ironman, than it is a simple marathon. I'm likely in the vast minority, but I am just happy to be an Angels fan.
  7. Being the lone Angels fan in a family full of DBacks fans I can assure you that my head would be rolling if Trumbomb would have been a bomb. Phoenix loves Trumbo and Trumbo loves is truly the pitching that has DBacks fans going nuts.
  8. I've been riding this horse for WAY too long to even THINK about the next 5 years. At this point, I am still just happy that baseball is back. It's kind of like dating - I'm just happy to know that after months of being single (the offseason) that I am back to dating again. April is almost like date #1 (maybe even date 2 & 3 as well). I am happy to enjoy "her" company, to the point where I am overlooking her minor flaws that in the grand scheme of things, won't REALLY matter. When date #4 comes along in May, maybe even Mid May if the goodnight kiss is good enough (i.e. we are at or near to .500 AND playing with promise) , is when I will really start to figure out if this is someone I can roll with, happily, for a while. I could go on, and maybe I will at some point, but with it being SUCH a long season that my heart and soul is so deeply invested in, I have learned to pace myself. So sit back, order your beverage of choice and get to know the good and bad of your new gal, before really flipping out. Or don't, maybe you have more fun falling apart at every loss over the span of 7 LONG months. "See ya at the yard meat!"
  9. And where have I heard THAT before?? Just sayin
  10. Comeback Player of the Year2014 - Albert Pujols (you can write that down)
  11. I'm waiting for us to dump Blanton, the A's to pick him up, and for us to get swept in a series that Kazmir & Blanton throw shut outs against us.
  12. I used to loathe Kinsler - now I don't - he's still a tool because, well he just is, but anyone who hates on Texas has at least 1 star by his rating status by me.
  13. I personally have thought for years that their needs to be a ginormous parking structure and that even just half the land surrounding the stadium should be improved upon. Imagine like a AngelsLand surrounding the stadium - it would be a freaking cash COW. The sales tax revenue alone should be incentive enough for Anaheim to let Arte have his way and see what he can make of it.
  14. Nope haven't given up on him at all - He DOES need to suck it up and get his foot fixed. He isn't going to be the one to bring us out of this nightmare of a season, much less wtih a peg leg. "You give yourself up for the greater good of the team..." Darin Erstad, circa 2002