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Aroldis Chapman hit in face by line drive


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Scary scene in Surprise.



SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Aroldis Chapman left Wednesday's game with the Royals after being hit in the face by a line drive off the bat of Royals catcher Salvador Perez. He was put on a backboard and taken off the field onto a cart by paramedics.


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I think they should do that for all games, not just spring. Can't expect players to keep their head in the game knowing their pitcher was taken to the hospital.

Really? I see why they did that in ST but I can't see that happening during the regular season.

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That's just what I think, but know it will never happen. It's logistically difficult and understand why MLB tries to avoid postponing any game.

I think if someone was somehow killed that the game should definitely be stopped but people have been injured and taken off the field since baseball was first played. I see where you're coming from but I think stopping the game because of an injury is a little too much. JMO

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I'm not talking about a leg injury like Posey. But when a pitcher gets hit in the head with a 100mph baseball and is knocked out unconscious, taken out on stretcher and immediately transported to the hospital.

Not to nit pick, but Chapman never lost consciousness.

Also I don't remember any players saying they didn't want to finish the game when McCarthy took one off the head from Aybar.

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I remember reading about another chapman when I was a kid. Rex chapman is the only MLB player to be killed during a game. He was hit by a pitch. Slightly different play. I hate to say it but I think we will see another death on the field at some point. I believe it will be a batted ball and not a pitch. If I were a pitcher in today's game I am wearing a bump cap, helmet or a hat made out of flubber. This could have been so much worse. Look how hard some of the hitters around the league hit the ball. Trumbo could take out a thirdbaseman as hard as he hits it. I hope I am wrong about this. But I think players should consider additional safety equipment. My thoughts are with Aroldis and his family. His daddy ran out on the field in the aftermath with his boy flopping around. (((((((Aroldis's daddy)))))). That had to be hard. But I love that his dad got on the field like that. That wouldn't happen in regular season game. Another example of how relaxed and true spring training baseball is.

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