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Spring Training Update: INF


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The baseball-reference.com stats page shows the ST stats day-to-day. One thing I find interesting is their Opp Qual stat which basically shows the quality of the pitchers they have faced so far this spring. I don't think it makes a distinction between guys like Weaver and Tommy Hanson, but it does show a numerical value which shows where the pitchers they have faced spent most of their 2012 season.


The scale works as follows:


10 being all in the majors

8 being in AAA

7 being in AA

5 being in High-A

4 being in Low-A


If a hitter has faced mostly Major league starters, then it should be in the high 8-low 9 range.


I've watched this go up and down over the course of several days, and it appears to me now that Luis Rodriguez, Brendan Harris are coming back to earth, whereas Romine's numbers are up a bit as ST has progressed.


Kendrick is still lighting it up in ST.


Callaspo is still doing poorly, as is Tommy Field. Callaspo has improved to a .451 OPS and Field hovers around the .570 mark.


and Jimenez is staying consistent as he faces more major league starters. I really like this guy and hope he can be a contributor in 2013 with the Angels. .292 with a .419 OBP and a ..417 slugging, with 6 walks to 4 strikeouts….that's impressive seeing as he walked only 19 times in 122 games in 2012. His 6 walks in 13 games would put him closer to 56 walks in that 122… 37 additional walks would've raised his OBP and his average from the pretty good .309 / .344 to .335 average and a ridiculous .406 OBP and that would make him the legit starter we want at 3rd.


Do I think he'd do that in the majors, maybe not..but I'd take his ST numbers all day long.


Maybe the guy figured something out in the offseason as he had a really great Caribbean series after a somewhat disappointing regular season in the Dominican Winter League.





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