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Who on the Angels will benefit the most from the new shift rules?


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Make your predictions.  

Here's some stats for your pleasure.  Bear in mind that these stats are balls in play.  It does not take into account if there was the shift on but the player walked, k'd or hit a hr.  

So here's a fun one:

In 2022, Adell was shifted 90 times and had a wRC+ of 113 whereas in the 62 times he wasn't shifted, his wRC+ was 122.  HEY JO!  PUT THE BALL IN PLAY!

How about Shohei over the last 3 years?  Shifted 742 times.  wRC+ of 98.  No shift?  50 times with a wRC+ of 72.  

Mike Trout you ask?  shifted 359 times with a wRC+ of 126.  No shift 99 times with a wRC+ of 92.  

Jared Walsh - shifted 632 times.  wRC+ of 90.  No shift 65 times.  wRC+ of 101.

Fletcher -   shifted 178 times.  wRC+ of 78.  No shift 770 times.  wRC+ of 75.  HEY DAVID!  WALK MORE!

These numbers are obviously skewed for various reasons.  Like for Trout and Ohtani - the only times they don't shift them is likely when runners are on base and they aren't getting crap to hit.  

Anyway.  Thoughts?  



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Without the shift, you'll start to see hitters being pitched to completely differently as well, and that will definitely have an effect. Particularly LHB, were being busted in under the hands with 95+ best to play directly into the shift. 

I think the new rules will really benefit Ohtani, because instead of busting him in as much, them be pitching to him in a more balanced manner. He has the speed to beat out some of those grounders hit the other way and his power alley has always been CF and LCF. 

I think if he stays healthy, 2023 will be Shohei's best offensive performance yet. We could see him hit .290 with 50 HR's. 

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Walsh by a mile, that is if he still has the starting job.  Without the shift, hopefully Walsh will be more selective in his pitch selection and can relax a bit.

Shohei was getting very pull happy in the 2nd half, so the new shift rule will probably benefit him also, but he has shown he can go with the pitch the other way.

I’m inclined to say Adell, but you need to make contact first before the shift rule can benefit you.  

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