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Jeremy Reed and Matt Wise


Jeremy Reed and Matt Wise  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. What is their future with the team?

    • Both will be back
    • Both will be gone
    • Reed will be back
    • Wise will be back

This poll is closed to new votes

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1 minute ago, Inside Pitch said:

Yeah Gallego is the one guy that I can't place one way or another.  

I hope they poach Dino Ebel from the Dodgers for 3rd base, and it gives them a candidate to take over when Nevin starts April 6-14.

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Here’s my prediction:

Stays: Montgomery, Wise Chiti, Sorrento, Mashore, Gil, Hasselman, Butera, and Del Campo.

Goes: Reed, Mallee, Gallego, Brown, and Buss.


Montgomery, Chiti, Gil, Hasselman, and Butera were all brought in by Minasian, so I expect them to stay.

Wise probably stays because the pitchers have done good. Sorrento has been here since like 2015 so I think Trout must like him or something and so he probably stays. Mashore and Del Campo each got promoted by Minasian last offseason, so I think they stay.

Mallee and Buss were brought in by Maddon, so I’d be surprised if they stay.

Reed, Gallego, and Brown are all holdovers from Eppler, so I doubt they stay.

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1 hour ago, Inside Pitch said:

Yeah Gallego is the one guy that I can't place one way or another.  

The fact that he’s a holdover from Eppler/Ausmus and that he got striped of defensive positioning duties after Maddon got fired makes me think he won’t stay.

I’m unsure of whether Mashore stays or goes.

He was promoted by Minasian, but it seemed like that was only because they couldn’t get Adam Eaton and Mashore was the minor league OF coordinator.

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6 minutes ago, Chuckster70 said:

Mike Trout likes Jeremy Reed so I'm guessing both will stay. 

Mike Trout liked Billy Eppler— as did Shohei Ohtani— but he didn’t stay.

Reed cannot return next season. He hasn’t done anything to show he should stay.

And don’t point to Taylor Ward’s turnaround as a reason for Reed to stay, because Ward’s turnaround was a result of him working with his friend (a former Astros minor leaguer) and not Reed.

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2 minutes ago, AngelsFaninGA said:

I imagine both stay. Whoever is the bullpen coach needs to go though

The bullpen coach probably has the greatest chance of staying, as he was one of the first three people Minasian hired once he was named Angels GM.

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This team easily led the major leagues in strikeouts, it's what did them in this season.  This team was striking out on an epic pace at around the middle of the season.  It makes too much sense to let Reed walk.  29 other teams would have let him go yesterday.  These are the Angels.  He stays.  

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