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The Official 2022-2023 Anaheim Ducks Thread


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Also, now looking at Beekers moves at the trade deadline, and that a few months of play have occurred.  I think the trades he made were smart moves that really may solidify that he knows what he's doing.  Key being acquiring Vaakanainen.  Looked like let's get a prospect.  But I don't think that Lindholm, or anyone else for that matter has made Drysdale look like a NHL player that Vaakanainen has.  That's he's also in that age range (23 YO) of the youngsters is also a big plus.  And if Helleson develops.  Beeker could have addressed our biggest needs in 2022-23 at the trade deadline, letting him focus on getting a winger for Z.

Defense as I see it now.

Drysdale (20) / Vaakanainen (23)

Shattenkirk (33) / Fowler (30)

Sustr (31) / Benoit (23)

Gunning for Shattenkirks spot Helleson (21) and Andersson (22)

Additional bonus.  That would make the likes of Guhle and Mahura and Larsson available for trade.  Mahura especially might have good value being a young prospect.  

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looking at the Gulls personnel.  DiMaio is already listed as GM of the Gulls.  So I guess that's where he goes.  Now I wonder if the coaching stall on the Gulls will change.  With how high the prospect ranking is on the Ducks, finishing a 68 game schedule at 28-33-4-3 can't make the higher ups happy.

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I don't think our player development under Marchant has been much to brag about. We'll see what Verbeek thinks. But, maybe not until after next season.

I don't put too much in San Diego's record. They don't have some of our top prospects and support players can play a big role in AHL wins and losses.

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Interestingly, both pick either Brad Lambert or Cutter Gauthier going to either us or Columbus at 12. 

Lambert 6' Fin, center winger.  Stats are kind of underwhelming.

Gauthier 6'3" US, although born in Finland, C/LW.  Much better numbers.  More than a point a game.  

Scouting Report: Cutter Gauthier

Cutter Gauthier — 2022 NHL Draft Prospect Profile

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56 minutes ago, deepdrive said:

Wow, Lindholm has been hurt most of the time he has been with Boston. You may be right about him being glass.

Rakell went down in the first playoff game with Pitt, by what sounds like a concussion.  Not his fault, but still.  That's why you trade.

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NHL Rumors: Flyers, Devils, Oilers, Ducks

Tyson Barrie as a RD might not be a bad thing.  $4.5 million for two seasons.  Would make Shattenkirk expendable.  And in addition Kaiyler Yamamoto or Jesse Pulujiarvi.  I think I'd go with Jesse Pulujiarvi.  While I like Kaiyler, at 5'8" I just don't know how well he'd fit.  Pulujiarvi, while not putting up the numbers of Yamamoto, would seem to be a nice fit on the Lundestrom shut down line.  36 points, +22.  Lundestrom/Jones/Pulujiarvi could be quite the line to put up against the best, giving Terry and Z some room to wreck havoc against 2nd and 3rd lines.  

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3:30 is the draft lottery. Where we will see the Ducks move down to 12.

On a side note.  If the Ducks win the lottery, I'd seriously consider trading the pick and moving down.  While there are a solid number of players available.  None of them are expected to be franchise difference makers.  Let a team overpay to get in the top 3, and move down within the top 10 but get a first for next year in addition.  

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29 minutes ago, deepdrive said:

Just saw that we didn't move. No word on who won?

Canadiens.  NHL had to make sure they won, and that New Jersey move up.  


1. Montreal Canadiens

2. New Jersey Devils

3. Arizona Coyotes

4. Seattle Kraken

5. Philadelphia Flyers

6. Chicago Blackhawks to Columbus Blue Jackets

7. Ottawa Senators

8. Detroit Red Wings

9. Buffalo Sabres

10. Anaheim Ducks

11. San Jose Sharks

12. Columbus Blue Jackets

13. New York Islanders

14. Winnipeg Jets

15. Vancouver Canucks

16. Vegas Golden Knights to Buffalo Sabres


2022 NHL Draft Lottery odds

  • Montreal Canadiens -- 18.5%
  • Arizona Coyotes -- 13.5%
  • Seattle Kraken -- 11.5%
  • Philadelphia Flyers -- 9.5%
  • New Jersey Devils -- 8.5%
  • Chicago Blackhawks -- 7.5%
  • Ottawa Senators -- 6.5%
  • Detroit Red Wings -- 6%
  • Buffalo Sabres -- 5%
  • Anaheim Ducks -- 3.5%
  • San Jose Sharks -- 3%
  • Columbus Blue Jackets -- 2.5%
  • New York Islanders -- 2%
  • Winnipeg Jets -- 1.5%
  • Vancouver Canucks -- 0.5%
  • Vegas Golden Knights -- 0.5%
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Yeah. Oh well, nothing to see there. We hit probable. 

!0th pick should have the opportunity for a good NHL'er. Kind of like Fowler. 

Kind of BS how the odds drop off from 9th to 10th. They ought to take some of the balls from 1 and 2 and move them down to the botttom 7. Especially since they changed the rules to not allow more than 10 moves. The worst record now has a 25 percent chance of getting the #1 pick. They're just rewarding mediocrity.

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Ducks Prospect Lucas Elvenes Expected To Sign In Sweden


Now that his entry-level contract is set to expire in July, Elvenes now has the chance to go back overseas without any restriction and he appears to be set to do so.  The Ducks can retain his NHL rights by issuing him a qualifying offer and there’s little reason for them not to do that as they’d be able to hold onto his rights through the 2026-27 season in case he decides to try playing in North America again down the road.


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Ducks News & Rumors: Zegras, Coaching Changes & More


In other coaching news, Ducks assistant coach Geoff Ward has decided to leave the team for personal reasons. Ward joined the Ducks’ coaching staff this past summer and was a large influence for the team’s power play. Not only will Verbeek need to replace an entire coaching staff in San Diego, but he will also have to find another assistant to aid head coach Dallas Eakins in Anaheim as well now.

This is a tough one.  He was pretty influential of improving the PP and PK.  

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