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AngelsWin Today: AngelsWin.com Interview with Angels Prospect Pitcher Jack Kochanowicz

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Interview Conducted by David Saltzer, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer

It’s easy to see why the Angels drafted Jack Kochanowicz in the 3rd round of the 2019 draft (92nd overall). He’s big (6’6”) and still filling out, so there was and is a lot to project with him. As a result, the Angels went overslot for him to buy him out of his commitment to the University of Virginia.

There is a lot to like with Kochanowicz. His velocity has ticked up since being drafted, and now sits mid-90s and touches 97. His curveball has near elite spin rates at around 3000 rpm. His changeup sits in the low 80s and is developing (in the interview he shows how he’s changed his grip on the pitch).

During 2020, Kochanowicz (pronounced Ko/han/o/wicz) spent some time in the Long Beach complex. We heard a lot of positive things about his progress and development there from many sources.

Right now, the Angels have Kochanowicz working on specific things and pitches in games. So, he is a case where the stats don’t tell the whole story. The talent is real, and Kochanowicz just needs to get the innings in to have it all come together. After missing 2 seasons between signing and Covid, there’s some rust that needs to be remedied. But, the tools are there. And, when he clicks, he could move through the system quickly.

Please click below to watch our interview with IE66ers Pitcher Jack Kochanowicz and then head on out to San Bernadino to see him play.

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10 hours ago, HaloMilliVanilli said:

Seems like a great kid.  Great video, David (so sorry to hear about your current health journey.  Good luck!).

Thanks. He came across as a good kid and someone who would be a great clubhouse presence. 


And, thanks for the concerns about me. I'm just doing the best as I can and as much as I can. I love covering the Minors and doing interviews. I hope to have more soon. 

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9 hours ago, Angel Oracle said:

GB pitcher plus great stuff =
very intriguing.

There's a lot to really like with him. Lots to dream on and project. But, let's remember, the numbers won't tell the whole story as they are developing him. Let's all remember this as we are evaluating him. Instead, it's a lot better to go see him in person or watch him online. 

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