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So if the Angels sell...(AL East Version)

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Continuing discussion on who the Angels could acquire if they're true sellers - which is still the likeliest outcome. I thought I would go through each division and break down some of the likeliest teams we deal with and some of the likeliest prospects we could target or hope to receive. 

The first thread in the series: NL East | NL Central | NL West

Please try to add your own thoughts onto which prospects I might have missed or who you think would be the best outcomes in true selling scenarios...no need to devolve into fantastical Adell for Berrios/Scherzer/Alcantara-type deals in this thread when we have that in others. 

Toronto Blue Jays: Seeking CP, SP, RP

  • Jordan Groshans, 21, AA, SS:
    Jays #3 prospect on MLB.com, listed purely because Toronto is loaded with 2B/SS talent, and the Angels could use a legitimate near-MLB ready SS, might be part of larger swap.
  • Gabriel Moreno, 21, AA, C(@Second Base)
    #5, exceptionally advanced young catcher with plus contact and discipline skills and strong athleticism behind the plate, in an org rich with catching talent. High value. On 40-man.
  • Eric Pardinho, 20, Rk., RHP: (@Second Base)
    #13, small-framed teenage phenom for Brazil has advanced feel for pitching and a strong portfolio of offerings despite young age. Very intriguing lotto ticket - and R5 eligible.
  • Joey Murray, 24, AAA, RHP: (@Second Base)
    #16, boasts fastball with elite spin and carry without plus velocity and an intriguing mix of varying pitches of average to lesser quality. Moving quickly through system, maybe SP, maybe RP. R5 eligible.
  • Riley Adams, 25, MLB, C:
    #17, injuries have pressed Adams into MLB action this season, Adams could be a sort of odd-man-out, bat-first backup with decent athleticism, power, and leadership skills, some issues defense and contact due to his 6'4", 235 frame. Still a useful piece for an Angels system short on catching talent, and a California native. Dealt to Washington for Brad Hand 7/29
  • Patrick Murphy, 26, AAA, RHP:
    #26, besieged by a number of injuries throughout his career, he offers a strong fastball and strong command, paired with decent curve, placing him as a likely bullpen piece going forward. On 40-man.
  • Samad Taylor, 23, AA, 2B/OF:
    #30, Minasian has an opportunity here to essentially replace Jahmai Jones in Samad Taylor, a versatile player with speed, contact, and a sudden discovery of some power. From California, R5 eligible.

Obviously, the Blue Jays are an extremely compelling team to match up with should the Angels sell. They're loaded with catching talent, have a history with Minasian, and boast a fairly strong farm with intriguing pitching talent. Toronto finds themselves in a somewhat disappointing season given the aggressive moves they made and are up against four other strong teams in their division, any of whom could be competition at the trade deadline for similar improvements. Will the Blue Jays' aggressive offseason continue this July? Or will they count on their youth, take a more conservative approach, and let the pieces fall where they may? 

Either way, this bodes well for the Angels, as their expiring vet contracts might not cost Toronto as much as flashier prospect names. This is a good source for the Angels to tap into some catching talent no matter who they consider selling.


Tampa Bay Rays: seeking rotation and bullpen help, and who knows what else

  • Taylor Walls, 24, MLB, SS:
    He's likely to much of a Rays-style player to be moved for anything the Angels can offer, but another solid-across-the-board defensive player with enough offense to be at least league-average. 
  • Xavier Edwards, 21, AA, 2B/SS:
    #4, Edwards would likely be a best-case scenario here; elite speed, strong positional versatility, does all the little things with lead-off potential and draws Chone Figgins comps.
  • Tommy Romero, 24, AAA, RHP
    #28, high-floor arm with a solid mix of pitches that is performing extremely well in AAA, lost a bit in Tampa's pipeline shuffle. R5 eligible with options, could be a good replacement for out-of-options Barria. 
  • Peyton Battenfield, 23, AA, RHP:
    #29, drafted by Houston, acquired by Tampa tells you all you need to know. Versatile arm with a solid fastball, strong cutter, and decent breaking pitches. Might be more of a reliever but enjoying a breakout season.
  • Michael Mercado, 22, A+, RHP:
    NR, TJ and the cancelled MILB season has cost him the 2nd rounder much of his pro career to date; fastball at 93-94, solid curveball and slider give him makings of solid SP or RP still. R5 eligible and maybe squeezed out.
  • Tanner Dodson, 24, A+, 2WP:
    Seeing time as a reliever and outfielder (DH only this season in a couple dozen ABs), Dodson is a solid reliever with a 95ish FB, solid SL, and can play decent OF. Michael Lorenzon-lite. R5 eligible.

Honestly? You tell me. Perhaps baseball's most creative team when it comes to trading, it's hard to speculate what could happen in any deal with Tampa, especially with their budget concerns and maddeningly deep farm system. Few teams seem to have a better gauge on which players to retain and develop and which to deal away, and few teams make the most of the talent they develop like the Rays do. The Rays are loaded with talent in the mid-infield leading one to think someone like Walls or Edwards could be pried away in the right deal (almost certainly any Angels sell to Rays scenario could see a Halos prospect or two moving to better balance out the trade and earn greater return) but it really is anyone's guess. The Rays' have also mastered the ability to get the most out of in-between arms, using pitchers in blurred roles between SP/RP, making it difficult to gauge who could be expendable. 

New York Yankees: seeking durable SP, back-end RP, left-handed power

  • Anthony Seigler, 22, A+, C:
    #22, strong arm, strong framing, strong receiving skills, but lots of question marks on his offensive future. Switch-hitter with decent contact and discipline to work with. Was an ambidextrous RP in school. 
  • Matt Sauer, 22, A, RHP:
    #26, a 2nd rounder who lost time to injury, violent mechanics could limit him to a fastball-first reliever, though hope endures for a mid-rotation SP, Cali product, R5 eligible.
  • Ken Waldichuk, 23, AA, LHP:
    #27, not seen as much more than a fringe prospect, Waldichuk has turned in dominance all season, striking out 110 in 68 IP with a 2.13 ERA. Cali product, 6'4", mid-90's FB, developing SL, CB, CH. 
  • Glenn Otto, 25, AAA, RHP:
    #28, like Waldichuk, Otto has exceeded expectations and had a huge season, striking out 115 in 76 IP, allowing only 17 BB and a 3.33 ERA. 6'3", 240, R5 eligible. Strong fastball and plus curveball. Likely part of the package going to Texas for Joey Gallo 7/29.
  • Hayden Wesneski, 23, AA, RHP:
    #30, four-pitch mix highlighted by strong 4SFB and 2SFB, clean delivery, and more strong results exceeding expectations. 

The Yankees are an interesting team to pair up with in that they have a number of potentially over-achieving 'sell high' starting pitching prospects that are fairly close to impacting MLB depth charts, and will be subject to R5 eligibility this winter, not to mention the struggles of their rotation and Aroldis Chapman have upped the need for both rotation depth and impact relief. The Angels match up well here especially if they have designs to make a trade - be it this deadline or winter - for impact pitching, as this could be an opportunity to stock a surplus of intriguing near-future SPs who have solid RP floors. The Yankees also have a few interesting catching prospects, though they tend to carry more volatility and defensive uncertainty than the Angels might want to target.

Boston Red Sox: seeking 1B, pitching

  • Connor Seabold, 25, AAA, RHP:
    #14, already traded once before by Philly and drafted out of Cal State Fullerton, Seabold is a polished finesse arm with an above-average changeup, a pitch we've seen the Halos make the most of. On the 40-man.
  • Connor Wong, 25, MLB, C/2B/3B:
    #16, athletic and versatile, Wong likely won't be an everyday catcher, but he is agile and possesses a strong enough arm to serve as a decent back-up whose bat will play up at other positions. Redundant with Ward and Thaiss, but also maybe an intriguing swap with one of those should the Angels sell an arm here?
  • Aldo Ramirez, 20, A, RHP:
    #19, another arm in the Boston system boasting an above-average changeup, he's advanced for his age and continues to outperform expectations. Could be a reliever, but no reason to move yet. Dealt to Washington for Kyle Scwharber 7/29
  • Andrew Politi, 25, AA, RHP:
    #27, deceptive with a herky-jerky delivery that can lead to issues with mechanics and command, offers a mix of decent pitches and a solid fastball with rise. Still starting, but probably a reliever, R5 eligible.

The Angels don't particularly match up well with the Red Sox in that Boston's farm doesn't line up with the Angels needs, so any moves made here will likely be because Minasian isn't having much luck with his rentals elsewhere. Certainly, any of the Angels arms could be of use to Boston though, so it's not an impossibility that something can be agreed upon here. 


Baltimore Orioles: selling at the deadline 


Which prospects might you want to see the Angels acquire from these teams if they become true sellers?

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