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The Left's Outrage (also YK's post-a-thon)

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It seems about every month or so "the left" finds something to get completely pissed about. Last month it was a high school kid smirking at some valor stealing toothless injun. This month they seem to be clutching their pearls at white dudes dressing up as black dudes (or girls if you think Whoopi really is one, I don't want to assume her gender). 

So I figure we can keep a little tally in this thread about what we're supposed to be infuriated about on a weekly or monthly basis according to the media and SJWs. Feel free to speculate what's coming up on the calendar for the butthurt agenda. Will it be something about midget rights? Maybe the consensus will shift on the average air speed velocity of a laden swallow. Who knows? Stay tuned!

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This thread backfired.

Outrage is gay. If you have outrage you’re gay.

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1 minute ago, yk9001 said:

Those libtards were f*cking pissed!


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