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A 13-year-old Little Leaguer belted a home run at Braves park


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What I saw: "Let's throw the kid salami's during batting practice with a metal bat in his hand until he hits one over..."

Does anyone know what kind of bat is allowed in Little League? 

In College and High School Ball (starting at 14 years of age) with metal bats, we were allowed nothing less than a -3. Basically, it meant the bats number of ounces could not be more than 3 digits below the length of the bat. For example, a 33 inch bat (which I typically used) could not weight less than 30 ounces. This is my all time favorite bat:

Image result for TPX omaha gold

I'm not sure what the rules are with Little League, but if the kid is using a -8, I mean come on. Thing is like a feather in your hand with so much length and pop from the aluminum and tech in the bat, if we could use -8's at that age we woulda been hitting dingers all the time. Not to mention kids these days seem SO much bigger. What the hell is going on, is it something in the water?

Little League has always been kind of a joke to me, I grew up playing Pony ball which does not have NEARLY the exposure, but you start playing like adults at a much younger age, with much further bases, a couple different rules (like being able to lead off) and much further fences. 

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Until the end of this year, little league still uses aluminum, composite and hybrid (AL/Comp) bats.  Up to -12, but no big barrels.  Only 2.25" barrels.  There are plenty of "hot" bats that are on the banned list from makers like Combat and DiMarini.  Little League (and other orgs) use the 1.15BPF factor which relates to the trampoline effect and how hot the ball comes off the bat. But when you get into some tourneys, regulation goes out the window, and kids are using rolled bats which make them insanely hot (and dangerous).  But a low drop wieght (-11, and -12) are typically not the bats hitting bombs.  It is the -8, -5 that are hitting the shots for the most part.  Basically for little league it has to have a 1.15BPF stamp and be 2.25" to be legal at this point.

Rules change next year for Little League, Pony, Ripken, Babe Ruth, Dixie, AABC and most others (all except USSSA basically) will adopt a new USA bat standard.  Supposedly changing to wood bat performance, but up to 2 5/8" barrels (USSSA will remain the wild west, and up to 2 3/4" barrels.  So little league is going to larger barrels and "catching up" to the other orgs with barrel diameters.  And bats will be playable in every org and tournament (except there will be no backward compatiblity for bats allowed by USSSA that will be banned in every other org.  

Only a couple bats availble with the new stamp already (from Easton, and seen in the LL World Series), but there certainly hasn't been a power shortage there.  Basically it cleans up the bat rules from organization to organization, as well as diameters.  But the trampoline effect has been dampened.  But most parents think it is a major money grab, as now EVERY bat that exists is now illegal next year in almost every organization other than USSSA travel tourneys.

Here is Easton's press release about the new standard:




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