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In case you're not yet worried about the future


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definitely not a scientific poll. i think firsthand accounts from people who deal with this is worth listening to, no?


Not really, IMO. They represent an outrageous viewpoint that will never be accepted. Your time is better used worrying about more legitimate issues. There are always going to be some absolute nutters out there.


You know where I went to school. You know the kind of people that can be encountered in a liberal community. I didn't come in contact with anybody that wouldn't consider the ending of a human life post birth anything short of murder.


This is silly.

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a quick search about who publishes for that website reveals a lot about the moronic "news" it reports.  


Student Free Press Association




push polls are bad enough, and this doesn't even qualify to be that.  it's pro-life hysterics for the unthinking.


the fact that this is referred to as "journalism" is what scares me more than anything. 


Journalism can only be liberal. If it's conservative, it's not journalism!

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I understand where you were coming from.  Sorry if it seemed like I was attacking you for daring to post it.


It just reeked of the hysterical garbage that militant pro-choice people spew about legalized abortion being a slippery slope that leads to pro-infanticide, and that's exactly what it ended up being when I researched the "publisher". 


It's not a reputable source of information, and there's no indication that it was a scientifically-designed survey/poll.  I'd be fascinated to see the actual question that was asked, and the sample size/population/etc.  I'm betting it was something like, "Is it ever okay for a parent to take their 5 year-old child off of life support."  If they answered yes, then that means they're pro-infanticide for the "journalist" that designed it.  That's how zealots think, and the website and publishing entity are zealots by definition. I hate their liberal analogs just as much.  


we're good, cezero. i didn't feel attacked at all.


i ran across this article on facebook (no, not from peyts' mom) and was just horrified at the thought that there are people who believe this. the more of the article i read the more i could see it was from a specific group with an agenda, but i still couldn't get past the idea that this is believed in and discussed by some as a rationale thing to do. i guess i just didn't believe that this could even be considered as an option to do in our society.


i sincerely hope this exists in theory only.

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