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Buying Mac laptops


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i need to buy one (maybe two, but not yet). short of paying full retail price at an apple store, and realizing my educator discount is a pretty laughable thing, anyone have a place they can recommend for buying a good quality mac, new or used?

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You usually don't find Mac's discounted much unless it's the older models. Might want to see if they announce some new models for the holidays, that means the older models will be discounted. I think they have an iPad announcement event coming up in October so they'd probably tack on some laptop/computer announcements as well.

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Check Dino Computers in Pasadena.  Ask for Steve. 


Honestly really hard to find them at a discount and it is really risky to buy used laptops.  Just my .02.


i've worked with steve in the past. he's a good guy and very helpful. there's a guy there named mathan who's a real tool. i wouldn't want anything from him. he's been extremely rude to me in the past.

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He is a MAC guy. Yeah, we've tried to help him but as long as he is still eating tofu the MAC is his computer of choice.



Even the refurbished at BestBuy are overpriced. Why do you need a MAC?


all of my school things are on a mac and saved in that format. all of my men's chorus work, as well (i'm the secretary for the organization).

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Real long shot, but some of you may remember this from years ago as a bunch of you ended up buying new Macs from that chick I was dating that managed the store and had access to their "black list".

She no longer works there for me to ask, but if you know anyone that works at an Apple Store they should have access or able to get access to it. It's a list of all their older model hardware that they greatly discount just to get it out of the back store room. They are items that didn't sell or were on the floor or display cases.

If you happen to know a friend of a friend or family member that may know someone that works there you can save a lot of money on a new laptop.

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went to the local apple store yesterday. they were fantastic at tracking down serial numbers of my missing items. was impressed at what they accomplished.


asked the manager about selling used floor/display models. she told me they don't do that, that everything gets sent back to apple. showed me on the website where i could buy refurbished macs, and they ran about 100-150 less than brand new ones.


if i buy brand new, i qualify for the educational discount, which equals $100 off list price. it's not much, but it helps. we're not in any hurry to buy, so i think i'm going to keep my eyes on the refurbished list.

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