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Astros Need a Firstbaseman


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Would you send them Cron?  Do they have any starting pitchers we could get back?


They have a plethora of talented SP in their organization.


I don't think you trade Cron though. I see him as our future DH, Billy Butler type. Somewhere between the 2012 and 2013 version.

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If we can get a solid SP option that is a factor in this season im with the idea...


I wouldn't even limit it to this year. We probably won't get any MLB production from Cron this season so trading him for future pitching help won't be sacrificing any chance this team has of succeeding this year. Weaver and Wilson are certainly not getting any younger. The system is very thin at SP. If we could get a good AA SP prospect and some fringe guys I would do it.

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Why would the Angels trade their best prospect?

Why would the Angels trade one of their best prospect to a team in their division?

The Angels will keep struggling if they continue to trade away young talent for temporary solutions.

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Probably no one outside of you.

Very poor reading comprehension skills.  At what point did I say I would trade him for nothing?


To be honest I probably wouldnt because I still believe he can put up solid numbers for the next few years at least.  And since were trying to win now I dont really care about the financial aspect of it. 

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I would.  That makes two. 


And if the Angels did, there would be zero-takers, the way that contract is back-loaded.


Crazy how much fans choose not to remember. The glorious day on Dec 5th, 2011. Aside from the poor start in April of 2012, he was the Pujols we all thought we were getting. Then he played on one leg last season (nursing two leg injuries) and still hit 17 HR in 99 games.


I guess I just don't understand the hate and negative tone toward this guy. You should be excited to see what he can do this season instead of fantasizing about trading the guy already. He is not going anywhere and it's my hope that in 3-5 years he'll become a very good DH for us in the way of Edgar Martinez/David Ortiz for the remainder of his contract.

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the thing about Cron is that he could end up a lot better than he's shown.  Not saying he absolutely will, but I feel like I got a better idea of why some are high on him by his limited exposure this spring.  Even though he doesn't walk much, he seems to have a much better approach than I expected.  He's really good at putting bat to ball which oddly enough works to his disadvantage with his tremendous power.  He puts a lot of ball in play that end up outs.  So he's actually got good plate discipline but poor management within the strike zone. 


While we would never expect much improvement from a guy like Lucho or Aybar from a plate discipline standpoint, I think Cron could actually improve in this area.  The jury is still out, but I am certainly more optimistic than I was. 

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Who in their right mind trades ALBERT PUJOLS. I'm very critical of the dude & I loathe his contract, but a trade like that has a good chance of backfiring.

That would be like Apple trading Steve Jobs to Microsoft in 2002.

Or it would be like trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees...oh wait,

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I think they are looking for more MLB ready players. They will probably go the old cheap route. Especially since they have a guy at AAA that is probably a year away from the bigs. And his numbers outside of AAA last year is pretty impressive. And he's only 21.


Great! Trade Cron for him.
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