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Who is your favorite current and former non-Angels player?


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Barry Bonds. Dude was just amazing, regardless of roiding. Similarly with Pedro, at his prime - filthiest stuff. Randy Johnson was the scariest pitcher I've ever seen. And Rickey was the most entertaining player ever. I really miss those type of players: Tim Raines, too. Kenny Lofton. Jose Reyes seemed to the next in line, but it turns out he was the last - at least that was a true star.

Hard to say current, but I like following all the top young stars: Tatis, Acuna, Vlad, Soto, Franco. Those five are the top candidates for next best player in the game. I like Jazz Chisholm, too, if only for the name - but he has a nice field presence. Didi Gregorius is a guy I hoped the Angels would sign, because I just liked his vibe.

Similarly with pitchers, I don't really have a favorite, but just like watching the best. Kershaw is always fun, even the latter-day version, because he's just so damn smart. It is like he went from being Pedro to Maddux.

I tend to look for guys who buck the trend, and do something different than others. With TTO, there aren't many right now. 

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Bill Buckner.  I was a big fan when he first came up with the Dodgers (he could run like the wind until he broke his ankle and it didn't heal properly).  He was a quiet, team leader everywhere he went, and was just the epitome of a professional ball player with borderline HOF stats.  He DID make an error once, but he made up for it by saving a baby on "Curb Your Enthusiasm!"

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7 minutes ago, AngelStew43 said:

Clayton Kershaw.  The man's an artist, even though his stuff has dropped off a little from earlier seasons. 

Imagine if it hadn't dropped off a little from 2011-2014 - he would be the greatest pitcher of all time, without question.

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4 hours ago, Chuckster70 said:

Yeah I know Rickey Henderson was an Angel, but he was in the twilight of his career and he didn't contribute much (32 games) so while technically he was in an Angels uniform, he's remembered as an Oakland A, maybe a Yankee.

I wouldnt go Henderson for mine, but Im a huge fan. I think hes criminally underrated.

He wasnt a 500 home run guy, basically. So he doesnt get lumped in w the old legends like a slugger would.

But from a pure offense standpoint, he was a beast.

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1 hour ago, ten ocho recon scout said:

I wouldnt go Henderson for mine, but Im a huge fan. I think hes criminally underrated.

I've always thought this, too. The point of the game is to score more runs than your opponent, and literally no one in the history of the game scored more than Rickey. 

Just look at the six names behind him: Cobb, Bonds, Aaron, Ruth, Rose, Mays. 


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