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Middle innings relief status

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The starting pitching looks really good.

The offense is 1st or 2nd in the great majority of AL stats.

The team depth looks good.

The defense looks really good the past 3 games, as certain players have now gotten use to their positions and Maddon is settling on a lineup.

The three key pen guys have been great.

Main issue now is middle relief, and trying to improve it.

Ortega looks solid so far.

Herget has been a lot better since opening night.  Still some concern about consistent delivery.

Barria has only been in 3 games, but looked decent enough in them.

Otherwise, it’s a definite work in progress.

Mayers looks better than he did the first two appearances, but still concern on hittibility.

Bradley has been hot and cold, mostly cold.   But It’s early.

Warren has been more cold than hot, so far not the pitcher he was last season, but again it’s early.

Wantz hasn’t pitched much up here so far this season.

There are two relief pitchers doing great at SLC.

Buttrey has retired all 12 batters in four appearances with a 2.33 GB/FB ratio.

Peguero in 10.1 innings has 1.74 ERA and 0.68 WHIP, 13/3 K’s/BB’s, and 1.57 GB/FB ratio.

Marte is struggling some so far, 4.2 innings, 7.71 ERA, WHIP around 2.00, although also 10 Ks.   It’s early.

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7 minutes ago, Warfarin said:

Honestly, it's pretty nice seeing threads dedicated to trying to figure out how to improve the middle relievers or our 9th place hitter, because all the other aspects of the team are performing well.

Certainly beats threads talking about how we have no offense or need like 3 SPs.

Yea I’m kinda pumped that it’s a difficult decision on who to send down when rosters cut back to 26 or which middle infielder gets removed to accommodate the return of Fletcher. 

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