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Young players/minor leaguers you want to see audition for bullpen spots over the remainder of the season?


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7 hours ago, mmc said:

What are all of the young relievers you'd like to see come up to audition for bullpen spots going forward, as Wantz and Warren have so far?

I am always 100% about the long game, at least until a team shows it's capable of doing something in any one season (they haven't this year).  So with that and mind...

First -- who is in the rotation?  Now that they have decided to bring up Detmers, I'd like to see some combination of Cobb, Ohtani, Sandoval, Barria, Detmers, and Suarez.   They have both of Bundy and Quintana around as the swing men sloppy innings long guys so, IMO..  The deadline has passed, they didn't garner any interest is seems ... so what's the point of having two of them especially when you have Guerra around who is pretty much an established swing man slop guy?  Get rid of two or all of them, and once Canning gets healthy/gets some innings in AAA, bring him up and have him server as a long man/RP or in tandem with either Barria/Suarez.   Just get him to settle on three pitches and stop with the tinkering.  As far as true relievers go...  they have Iglesias, Mayer, Cishek...   The only one under control beyond this season is Mayer.   Nobody who isn't going to stick around beyond 2021 needs to have a roster spot.

I'd like to Wantz called up, only to actually be used.  I'd like to see them use Warren.  I'd like to see them throw Quijada out there a few times.  Find out if his minor league rates are real of if he's that ugly 2.6 HR/9, 7.8 BB/9, 1.842 WHIP guy he's been at the MLB level.   Because if all he is is a hard throwing lefty with bad control and HR tendencies then I'd rather they take a look at Oliver Ortega and they figure out if he's a hard throwing righty with bad control and possible HR issues...  40 man roster spots matter! Packy Naughton is another guy who will either need to be added or exposed so, let's see him face MLB hitters a little -- he's another guy that can be put into a SP tandem.  We know CRod can get guys out of the pen, we don't know if he can go 6 innings or keep his stuff with an elevated pitch count, he also still has control command issues so -- keep him AAA until Sept.   Nathan Bates (he's 27 now), Cooper Criswell, Jhonathan Diaz, and Connor Higgins..   COME ON UP..  Let's see how you do vs MLB hitters and if you can be part of next season's AAA bullpen shuttle.

I hate to say it but record be damned.  Audition everyone for next year.  Figure out what you got, who can actually perform at the highest level and go into the offseason with a legitimate plan how to address your needs. 

So  Wantz, Warren, Quijada (to decide whether or not to punt on him), the AA pitchers.....


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@Inside Pitch says 40 man roster spots matter, which I completely agree with.  Sure we have some organizational filler on ours, but a while back @totdprods posted who needs to be protected going into next year and it’s quite a few guys that aren’t close to ML ready, but also guys we don’t want to part with.  All that being said I’d like to see Packy get a few starts.  I don’t need to see Canning, he just needs to get right and I’m not sure Wise is the guy to do that.  Id give Suarez a couple more starts and if he is still having troubles see if he can get back to being that really good multi inning reliever.  There’s nothing wrong with being that guy at the ML level and it’s invaluable to a team. Outside of that it should be, any arm that needs to be protected going into 2022, should be getting major league reps going forward. At this point release Guerra, and one of Bundy/Quintana.  

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