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It is that Time, Folks. Predict Scoiscia's Post Game Comments

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"Aybsy brings that certain element to the top of our order. He can really get after it out on the field. He just got under a couple of those tremendous pitches, but he's gonna get good wood on them most other times." "We need an action player at the top of the order that can do some things on the bases and give us a different look. The Cubs are not a bad team, that is why any team in baseball can beat you. (Oh, and they do Mike - quite often) We are gonna experiment with a couple of things, get some new looks goin. A couple of guys are searchin' a bit for things right now, but there startin' to get where they need to be." "Coello and Varggy were goin' along good, sometimes when you get hasty and remove guys too early the team gets out of their rhythm. You gotta tip your cap to the hitters, they managed to get some good wood on the ball, and a couple of pitches barely found a barrel or two." "We're gonna turn the page on this one and not look back." Some guys are gettin' into their zone, and it's still early. you gotta remember, this is not a sprint, it is a marathon." "Tip your cap to Kevin Greg, he reminds me of Rollie Fingers in his prime. Not much you can do against that."

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I know that I have played in and managed more games in the majors than anyone else currently SO WHAT does that have to do with understanding how to win? Is it my fault we are losing, have zero confidence, have essentially zero grit? At some point these guys have got to perform up to their capabilities. Even Michael Nelson Trout has his spells. I feel for good old Jimmy Leyland over there never won jack...I just want to lmfao at the poor sap. He makes me look like a genius with this overpaid bunch of no hopers. When do I get to sleep in again?

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"You gotta tip to the Cubs. I mean the way they played us makes you wonder why they haven't won a world series in 103 years. You gotta tip your cap to their pitchers (who's ERA was 6+ but stats don't matter) and hold one second *answers cell phone* So the buffet is still open alright I'll be right there *hangs up* any who I hate to have to wrap this up but we are going to need to have another closed door meeting this evening. It's time to turn the page on this series and focus on our next series"

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