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  1. Dipoto. The gift that keeps on taking. Talk about a snake eyes draft (Keynan might stick, as well as Nate Smith).
  2. I firmly believe Eppler is a master of communication skills. Everything about him is likeable. The fact these players are signing so quickly is a great sign.
  3. I wonder how he will feel being used in low leverage situations, like when trailing 7 runs in the 8th.
  4. Traditionally, the best reliever in a team's bullpen gets designated the closer. In recent years, though, there's been an argument that using your best reliever in high-leverage situations is more valuable than saving your closer for a save opportunity that may never materialize. Huston Street is not a fan of that thinking according to David Alder of MLB.com. "I'll retire if that ever happens," Street said. "If they ever tell me, 'Oh, we're gonna start using you in these high-leverage situations.' … All right, good. You now can go find someone else to do that, because I'm going home
  5. Scioscia manages much worse than this in the playoffs. He is a dumpster fire when the game is on the line.
  6. Scioscia just said the game was lost before the 9th. What a delusional skipper.
  7. Valbuena catches a little league pop out.
  8. Posters defend Scioscia and he has his worst managed game of the year.
  9. Starting Marte and leaving Alvarez in.
  10. My father called Scioscia Soso (he was not a fan either).
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