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After hours cuisine

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The hot dog thread got me reminiscing about my favorite after club food stops. In the U.S. food carts and stands aren't as readily available so I usually settled for a local 24 hour diner with a breakfast buffet featuring plenty of home fries. So let's concentrate on the international scene just in case any of you ever find yourself hammered and wandering the streets of a southeast Asian club district. Feel freee to add your own areas of expertise


Japan- Some like sushi, some like yakitori but for me nothing beats a hot bowl of yakisoba. It sits well on top of sake or any of the Japanese domestic beers, of which my favorite is Suntori draft.


Korea- My all time favorite drunken snack is a grab bag from the yaki mandu stand. A fabulous mix of mandu, fried onion rings and potatoes, fresh out of the fryer and served in recycled paper stapled together is about as good as it gets. As a change of pace there used to be a stand outside the main gate at Osan AB called Miss Kim's McDonalds. She cooked fresh hamburgers and topped them with fried egg, carrot, cucumber, onion, and even some kimchee if you dared. If you were in the mood for a sit-down meal you could sit and cook your own meat on the hibachi and eat it wrapped in lettuce leafs


Philippines- You can get any street food you want any time of the day including bbq pork sticks, fish balls, balut, etc but late at night I always go for chicharon. Deep fried pork skins with a dipping sauce nade of vinegar with chunks of raw garlic added for flavor. Goes great with a San Miguel Pale Pilsen.


Bahrain, Dubai- All the clubs are in the hotels and most serve food but I prefer to go down to the schawarma stand. You can even gat falafel if you know which stands to visit.


One rule that must never be broken. Never, ever trust the mayo on a food cart. Ignore this advice at your own peril because none of these places have decent toilets. 
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You guys are far more cultured than I am.  My late night consists of either In N Out, or Tommy's.  


Although I could tell you about late night Japanese fare, if I could remember those nights.

Yep, Tommy's.... They had something similar in Quebec; like Fatburger

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I'll be in Bahrain Thursday night. My wife and my youngest angel still live there. I'll be working across the causeway in Dhahran. We've been to the race a few times. Other than the heat it's pretty cool. 


My favorite Filipino restaurant is in Bahrain. If you've never had crispy pata you should find a place that serves it asap.

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