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Mike Wallace signs with Dolphins

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  • 2 weeks later...

Dolphins have been spending some major bucks.

Indeed. Lets hope it pays off. The east should be ripe for the taking IMO over the next few years. The Jets and Bills are a mess and the Pats are on the decline but still a force. Its been far to long since the Phins we relevant. With a solid Draft they might be able to squeak in via the wild card this year. 

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Reported at 5/$65 million, $30 guaranteed. I'm a phins fan, and while it's nice to add a big name FA, he definitely doesn't deserve that much money. Would have preferred to have kept Marshall. With that said, Miami needed to add a receiver this off-season to help Tannehill.

Sweet another Phins fan. Its nice to know I haven't been the only one here suffering through the last 10+ years of mediocrity. I thought letting Marshall go was a good thing. He didn't have the break away speed the team so desperately needed + I recall him dropping quite a few passes in his time here, more than an "Elite" WR should. 

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I agree. Didn't like the money, but i want to seem them win, so if this is what it takes I can dig it. 


Long, I'm not to worried about. He was a beast for a few years but those injuries are starting to pile up and if I'm not mistaken there is a surplus of OL in this years draft. Shouldn't be too hard to find a solid replacement and one that is less of an injury risk. 

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Yeah. Not sure where the Fins draft, but there are three legit top 10 OL. Two likely gone in the first five picks. Looks like some guys are moving up boards too. This draft sucks for premiere talent, but definitely a stocked with line talent on both sides of the ball.

I hope they do well. I hate NE and they have a bit of KC in them of not doing well the past decade or so. I'd like to see Tannehill continue to develop and prove people wrong.

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