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Backup Catcher Options


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Internal Options: Matt Thaiss and Chad Wallach.

External Free Agents: Robinson Chirinos, Grayson Greiner, Luke Maile, Wilson Ramos, Austin Romine, Chance Sisco, Kevan Smith, Kurt Suzuki, and Austin Wynns.

Trade Options: Victor Caratini, Alex Jackson, and Reese McGuire.

The Angels still need a backup catcher, and there aren't a ton of good options out there. What direction should the Angels go? Feel free to add other options that I missed.

Another factor: Max Stassi is a free agent after the 2022 season.

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53 minutes ago, Angelsfan1984 said:

The reds have a really nice young catcher. Maybe they can swing him with sonny gray instead of going after Castillo. 

Tyler Stephenson (who I assume you are referring to) likely has more value than Gray and maybe even Castillo. They aren't trading him, especially since they traded Barnhart to make room for Stephenson at C (who has multiple years of control).

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1 hour ago, Erstad Grit said:


Give me any random good defensive catcher, I don't care if they hit. 

Did any back-up catchers even play in the playoffs? It can be important in case Stassi goes down but we have much larger needs IMO. 


The problem is that I'm not sure many, if any, of the random free agent catchers are good defensively. We know Suzuki is bad. We know Smith is bad. Ramos is bad. etc.

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At this point, with the better cheap free agent options like Severino and Perez off the table, I think they really only need a decent defensive warm body. Even just Jose Briceno. 

I'd like to see them give Matt Thaiss a real shot. Plus, he has the advantage of being able to hit well enough to spell Walsh at first.

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On 12/9/2021 at 10:29 PM, mmc said:

Thoughts on a Murphy and Bassitt/Montas/Manaea combo deal with Oakland?

Hard to picture an intradivisional trade occuring when it's high profile major leaguers. That happens sometimes with rental pieces, or prospects, but when you're taking about one of the better young catchers in the game with Sean Murphy, or a legit starting pitcher like those three....I just don't see it happening unless it's a laughable overpay that is sure to backfire. 

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I'd like to see Thaiss groomed to be the next catcher, it's just a matter of how best to do that. 

Option 1: Sigh or trade for a backup catcher, or use Bemboom in that role and stay Thaiss in AAA so he can catch every day. If there's ever an injury to either Stassi or the backup, promote Thaiss and let him get his feet wet, don't just put him on the bench. 

Option 2: Promote Thaiss and let him spend the season working with the pitching staff, working with the coaches, and learning at the major league level. Learning the speed of the game from behind the plate and the subtle nuances of framing and blocking pitches. Learning the art of major league catching. If Stassi is extended, great, now we have two offensively capable catchers. And if he leaves, then Thaiss is prepared. 


I don't really have a strong opinion either way. If I had a choice I'd say option one because it affords the Angels greatest depth, but I'm not sold on it. 

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My guess is that they must be looking at Thaiss as well. I mean...if it's not the plan...might it not have been more prudent for Perry to have traded for Sands than for Wade? Especially since they already claimed Velazquez who is the more capable of the two at short. I know (the need for a "utility knife" aside) that Sands spent last season in double/triple A but given that some believe he has the potential to be an immediate back-up to J.T. Realmuto for the Phillies...I was just curious. 

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