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Flies In The Ointment: Astros beat Angels for 3rd straight time, 5-4

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CJ has been taking lessons from Scioscia on post game interview tactics..



LOL No kidding, HB! CJ just needs to STHU and pitch for a change. For a supposedly articulate person he comes across as a clueless fool as quoted in this article. Nothing more than a helping of canned cliches.

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Well Ed, it has been you and I that started about a decade ago, before AW was even a gleam..

We knew that a Sciocia led team would never be back to the WS.

It has been worse than either of us imagined...

But...10 years later, there are still an amazing amount of people that still don't get it.

The"system" was built around Scioscia's "vision". He was handed a 10 year contract, which said..

You are the man. Go get it.

People STILL try to defend that contract... and Scioscia.


I guess a decade isn't long enough.

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AO this all started with the Reagins-Scioscia debacle...

Arte left those two in charge, and it has been steadily downhill from there.

Scioscia was the man, Reagins was the face.

They thought the good times were going to roll and the future was limitless.

"We got this Arte"...was the meeting room battle cry.

Arte has been naive and loyal, and he has been totally fleeced by his own doing.

Bad thing about his good side, is that he hasn't learned anything.

He had the GMJ and the Wells signings, and a few others...and he kept the same inept manager and coaching staffs, and took the advice of them, and went out and signed a few more "Name Recognition" BUSTS.

How he hasn't figured this pattern out is beyond understandable.

These guys sucking, for big money, still has people scratching their heads?

It didn't start this year. It isn't that hard to see or figure out.

It starts, and ends, with Scioscia, and it is many, many, seasons past time... to get rid of him.

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