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Last 14 Games


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Per Jeff Fletcher's Twitter:

"Some #Angels averages during their 2-12 stretch...

Simmons .190
Fletcher .190
Ohtani .186
Smith .158
Rengifo .132
Calhoun .125
Upton .114

Trout .315

Although early in this bad stretch it seemed it was just the pitching, clearly it's not anymore.

As a team the #Angels are hitting .195/.277/.374

Their wRC+ is 74, which is 2nd worst in the majors over that span. (Cardinals fans can share your misery, at the moment.)

The #Angels also have an MLB worst 6.36 ERA during the past 14 games."

Team wide slump...

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They've allowed an era of 11.57 in the first inning over that 14 game stretch.  

That's tough to come back from and forces an offense to press.  Just in general, when you know that you're gonna have to score 7runs to win a game, that doesn't create much comfort.  

the opposing team has been held to less than 6 runs three times over this stretch.  

I think the team had been rolling on a fair amount of emotion and not only did the 16 inning game break their back, but the game two days later where they lost 8-7 curb stomped them into being done.  They knew that winning 5 of 7 vs detroit and bmore was essentially a must.  Losing three in a row to the worst team in baseball took the wind from their sails.  

During the 8 game losing streak, they've really not even come close to winning a game.  The smallest margin of defeat is 3 runs.  One of which was vs. Sale where the Angels didn't score and the other was where a meaningless hr was hit in the 9th.  

This is probably one of the worst stretches of baseball I've seen by the Angels in several years. We've had other losing streaks, but the team still felt like they could win on any given day.  Right now, they're just getting stomped.  

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