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OC Register: Angels’ Albert Pujols hits 610th home run, breaking tie with Sammy Sosa for foreign-born record

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ANAHEIM — Albert Pujols is the most prodigious foreign-born slugger in major league history.

Pujols’ three-run homer in the seventh inning of Tuesday’s game against the Texas Rangers was the 610th of his career and gave him sole possession of the foreign-born record. Pujols had moved into a tie with Sammy Sosa, both born in the Dominican Republic, for the mark with a homer against the Orioles last week in Baltimore.

Pujols is now alone in eighth place on the career home run list and is two homers from equaling Jim Thome (612). After that, he won’t be able to move up any more rungs on the list until next season, when he chases Ken Griffey Jr. (630).

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44 minutes ago, yk9001 said:

These records/milestones hold as much interest to sports fans as news on the bottom of the sports ticker about what NFL players sat for the national anthem at a particular game.

I think 600 was pretty cool. 700 (not hsppening) would be, too. But yeah, not as interested at "where on the list" vs others. But 5, 6, 700 club is cool.

Ill say this. Im as over the guy as anyone. But last night was fun. Double, 3 run shot. Vintage pujols was a badass. If we still had that version wed be totally different.

Its unfortunate that the actual good years we got from him will be overshadowed by the crap years, and the fact the team never won when he was hitting.

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2 hours ago, yk9001 said:

These records/milestones hold as much interest to sports fans as news on the bottom of the sports ticker about what NFL players sat for the national anthem at a particular game.

There are different categories if fans.  Cable TV eyeball fans are important in the business model.  I dont care about the hr and you dont either. But you are crazy if you think it doesn't matter to lots of casual Angel TV vewiers.  It perpetuates their interest in the absence of a hard core love of the game.

Real music fans hate Katy Perry. She sucks.  How does she sell so many records and sell ourt arenas?

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1 hour ago, yk9001 said:

Approximately 70,000 people watch Angels games.



I can't even hazard a guess how many care about when that old horse passes Sosa in a milestone.

I'm not sure you quite get it.  You can't even begin to actually calculate how all this stuff is connected.  When ESPN shows highlights of Pujols hitting a milestone homer, or it is talked about on the radio, or written about online or in the paper. . . it is an active advertisement for the Angels being absorbed by every member of the family.

Then when the Johnson family is thinking about what to do this Friday night, somebody suggests Angels game and more family members vote yes to going.  Or they buy Angel stuff for Christmas.  Or they watch some or all of the game.  Or they subscribe to Directv to have access to it even if they don't always watch.

I get that the milestone he doesn't thrill you.  But it's not for you.  It does, whether you want to see it is not, have value in macromarketing to the fanbase.

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31 minutes ago, yk9001 said:

You can play all the mental gymnastics you want, dude. In general, nobody gives a shit about Albert Pujols.

Dude, I'm not asking you to like Pujols or buy a Pujols jersey.  Relax.  I don't really care about Pujols either.  I'm just not in denial that there are (mostly casual) fans that like him.

But none of what I just wrote will matter cause I'm getting your shtick now. . .

Your too cool and badass for everything persona is pretty awesome.

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