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Blake Parker


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He has closer experience in the Minors. It is not entirely impossible that he is in the closer mix at or at least 7th or 8th inning duties along with Alvarez (who is also having a fairly good WBC and ST run).

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4 hours ago, arch stanton said:

Considering the starting staff I think it'll be important to have someone who can be a RH compliment to Alvarez to help rescue them in the 6th or sometimes even 5th inning before turning over to the one inning crew. If he can be the guy then that's great

I just hope he makes the team so from your mouth to God's ears.

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Needs his own thread and deserves to make the team.  He's whiffed the 8 of the last 9 batters he's faced.  That's redonk.  

Cam, Bailey, Alvarez, One of Chavez or Ramirez (whoever isn't our #5), Parker, Norris, Pettit.  

I don't think Yates, Morin, Banuelos, Valdez, Pounders, Adams, or Guerra have earned a spot.  

If I were to start the season with 8 in the pen, I think Ege deserves to be there.  

I am encouraged by Gagnon, Del Los Santos and O'Grady.  

I think Bailey will be out of the mix in a month.  

I think our AAA pen options are Key, Pounders, Morin, Yates, Gagnon, De Los Santos, Paredes, O'Grady, Valdez, Mahle, Adams, Guerra.  

My guess is that the Rotation will include Meyer, Wright, Banuelos, Campos (if healthy), Smith.

I might be forgetting someone, but even still, that gives us 12 pen options for AAA.  I think Paredes could start in AA, as could De Los Santos.  I would put Mahle in AA as well.  So that's 9 for 7 spots in the AAA pen.  Probably means O'Grady goes to AA and we lose one of those guys to free agency.  

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I know I posted in another thread that I'd still start Parker in AAA as he's out of options and I'd rather stash him than risk losing him to an early season roster numbers crunch, but if he can keep impressing for the rest of camp he has to make the pen. Jimenez, Bernier, DeShields, Choo, Profar Lamb, Drury, Iannetta were those 8 K's too, so it's not like he was doing it against scrubs.

For what it's worth though...Bud Norris has been almost identical to Parker. 
Parker: 9.1 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 1 ER, 0 HR, 2 BB, 15 K, .194 BAA, .96 WHIP
Norris: 10.1 IP, 7 H, 4 R/ER, 1 HR, 2 BB, 12 K, .189 BAA, .87 WHIP

If it came down to picking one over the other for the last pen spot, I still think I'd take Norris to start the year. He'd offer more length in the pen, and he's the most likely to be lost to waivers/opt-outs. 

Cody Ege I would still keep in the minors, mostly because we'd have to bump another from the 40-man to add him. 

You know who else has had a good spring? Our Maldonado/Bandy throw-in, Drew Gagnon. 
Gagnon: 7.1 IP, 3 H, 0 R/ER, 1 BB, 6 K, .120 BAA, .55 WHIP

Yates and Adams are both out of options, so if they don't make the pen, we risk losing them, but at this point wouldn't lose sleep over either one. 

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From a purely scouting perspective, Bud Norris sitting 95-97 in relief makes for a very interesting asset. Much like Ramirez, he's bringing some major velo in one inning spurts, but because of his background as a starter, you could extend him out to 2-3 innings or even a spot start or two. 

Norris might be one of the more key acquisitions this winter, and it came with relatively little fanfare.

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1 hour ago, Rico said:

I understand the 40 man roster argument, but man how can you not reward the guy after the spring he has had?

There is no argument. If Parker makes it, neither Yates nor Adams will, and that will clear two spots. 

And once he's on, him being out of options isn't really an issue. They are all out of options. 

When they need a pitcher they'll just DFA who is pitching the worst and he'll go unclaimed and be back in the minors. Happened 10 times last year. 

If he's dealing in the majors, they won't DFA him, obviously. 

And if by some miracle all the pitchers are doing so well that you can't DFA anyone, then Jose Alvarez has to go. He has an option. 

Oe they can option Marte and have 8 relievers. 

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