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Only posting this here because it's last minute and once the tournament starts it will be moved to the Sports Central forum. Kurt started another one but nobody could get into it so re-starting..picks need to be made before Thursday.


Congrats! You've created a group called angelswin.com 

Your group ID# is 157003 and your password is: aw2017 

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1 hour ago, WeatherWonk said:

Well, I cant get into this one either. I click on the link and it basically says I'm not a member and I see no where to put in the ID or password. I do show myself signed in on Yahoo.

I didn't include a link...go to yahoo sports and click on tournament pick'em..look for "join a private group" 

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27 minutes ago, WeatherWonk said:

I care. This might be the most wide-open tournament I can remember. No clear-cut favorite. So many teams with multiple losses.

Hey, even da Bruins might have a chance. If only they could play D.

1. it was a joke. this is my favorite time of year. nothing beats march Madness.

2. you obviously haven't seen us play lately. since feb 1, opponents are averaging just 71ppg. before that it was in the mid-80s 

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6 hours ago, Homebrewer said:

Only posting this here because it's last minute and once the tournament starts it will be moved to the Sports Central forum. Kurt started another one but nobody could get into it so re-starting..picks need to be made before Thursday.



Homebrewer - thanks for organizing this -- I was able to sign up -- should be fun........

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LOU -- UCLA really played good ball - the best of the season, really, the last month of the regular season.

that loss at Galen Center to USC seemed to wake them up -- that was a terrible game for them but they played lights out after that.

and, then, the PAC -12 tournament.........a different UCLA team showed up.

They beat USC again in a game that neither team should have been given a W.

If the UCLA team that played the last month of the Pac 12 season shows up, UCLA has a chance. Oregon has a key player out for the NCAAs......

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On March 14, 2017 at 8:24 PM, WeatherWonk said:

I gotta question. What is the reasoning behind having South regional games in CA and West regional games in Orlando, FL. When did they start having regional games outside of the geographic regions?


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just back from Sacramento.

some exciting basketball and some not very (and terrribly played) hoops as well.

I thought the winner of the Creighton - Rhode Island game should have 'advanced' to the next round of the NIT instead of moving on in the NCAA bracket.

But it may have been a case of Rhode Island playing down to the level of its competition because Creighton looked terrible at both ends of the floor........Rhode Island woke up and played a solid game against Oregon on Sunday........Rhode Island essentially had the game won........and then Oregon Brooks was fouled in the act of shooting an off-balance, bad angle three pointer with the shot clock running out --- he probably misses the off-balance three and Rhode Island gets the ball with the lead and time off the clock (this is inside 5 minutes left)  Instead the dumb foul bails out Oregon, Brooks, an 85 percent free throw shooter, goes to the line, sinks all three and the game is tied......Oregon gets a stop and then their other solid guard hits the jumper that turns out to be the game winner...... Rhode Island had Oregon beat and let it slip away.

Cincinnati looked great against Kansas State - they shot something like 65 percent from the floor, made their free throw shots -- Kansas State did not offer up much competition.

UCLA sort of struggled early in both games.........Cincinnati lead 33-30 ( if i remember right) at the half....and Kent State kept hanging around .

In the first round Kent State- UCLA game, UCLA led it pretty much wire to wire but just couldn't shake them completely. UCLA seemed to dominate with a "Showtime" like performance but despite that -- you'd look up a the scoreboard and UCLA would be up only 6 to 8 points while putting on a dazzling display of offense.

In Sunday's game, UCLA came alive in the second half, overcame Cincy's 33-30 half time lead and at times looked better than half a dozen current NBA teams.UCLA really gets back quick on defense.........Lonzo Ball made some incredible threes as did other Bruins in a very balanced scoring game among the UCLA starting 5.

My brackets are busted -- so I guess I didn't get out of the first round

UCLA seems to turn on and off the Showtime Show at will.

They had some incredible runs.........and, at times, both Rhode Island in Friday's game and Cincinnati in Sunday's game were just over matched.

UCLA,if they can play the way they did on a few of the runs I saw and do so for a sustained period of time -- well, they look like they could be playing in the Championship round.

Overall --

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