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Why is everyone so down on Cano? (Not Angel related)

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Just reading a lot of the threads, it seems to be a foregone conclusion that Cano would be a "trainwreck" and a negative gain for the Mariners if he signed there. 


All the "We are signing Cano and doomed" threads, the "Yankees will resign Cano and he will suck!" and "I hope the M's sign Cano so he can fail!"


Exactly why is everyone predicting a Hamilton-esque decline from Cano?  He is a pretty solid hitter and a gold glove type 2B.  Am I missing something here?  Of course he isn't worth a 10 year contract (not many players are), but if a team like Seattle signs him to a 5 year deal, I don't see why he would turn into a lemon.

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Halos fans feel snakebit by recent big long term contract that have cost the team draft picks and the receipients of those contracts haven't done what they were supposed to.  Especially early on when you are supposed to get the most production. 


It's not that people think he's bad, it's that they don't want to see the team commit any more long term money to a player past 30 whose best years are behind them. 


Hell, he'd probably be great to have for a couple of years, but he's likely to sign an 8yr deal and the last 4-5 years are unlikely to be overly productive for what would amount to 25-30mil per. 

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I don't think Cano will tank at all the way Hamilton did last year. Cano is a really smart hitter while Hamilton has shown a very inconsistent plate approache the past few years. 


Hamilton showed some huge red flags in 2012 and many teams were afraid to offer more than 2 or 3 years. Cano has been insanely consistent. 


Since 2010, he's averaged between 134-149 wRC+ and a wOBA between .374-.391. He's an above average defender too. The fact that he plays 2B makes him so damn valuable. 

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Probably because how most of the big FA deals have not faired well for the team. I could see Cano being a huge success. Kent was still an incredible asset at 2b very late in his career and I bet Cano does the same. 



Kent played in an era where they didnt test for PEDs.   He was a career 104 OPS player until 1998 at age 30.  From that point on he morphed into a 132 OPS+ player...


2B have traditionally hit a wall in their early 30s, Cano may end up being one of those exception to the rule types, but there is risk there.

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