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Streaming Content from PC to TV


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Not sure.  What I have found is that most new tv sets have monitor inputs.  What I usually do is just plug in the computer to the tv, and watch/stream that way.   In my case, I have a high end video card in my laptop, so it's fairly painless to do.  

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My wireless laptop skus. Streaming certain content from that was jittery at best.


My desktop tower does not have an HDMI cable port. The 32" TV I want to use does have a PC port. (Actually the little monitor I'm using for the desktop is also a TV and my other 2  TVs have PC inputs).

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I want to pay the lower fee instead of premium fee (about 5 bucks a month difference) plus retain the better features you get when streaming via the  Computer rather than one of the supported devices. I want to be able to use the computer while the feed is on the TV. Now I know people have dual monitors hooked up to a single computer. I want the live feed on the big TV instead of the small monitor.


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The only way I know of is to full screen the content on the computer, then hardwire (via HDMI) the TV as a second monitor. I do this regularly for watching online streaming video of poker tournaments. The obvious drawback, as you mentioned, is that the laptop I use to stream is unavailable while streaming.

I wouldn't know how you could isolate a single window and have it streaming automatically in the background save for stetting up the TV as a second, side by side monitor where the thing you're streaming is then full screen on monitor 2 while you work on monitor 1. Even with that, I'd be surprised to find a monitor 2 setting that works wirelessly.

Good luck with that and let us know if you find a solution. I would be seriously interested because it would save me 30 minutes a night some nights.

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This is what I found:


My sony blu-ray player BDP-S570 is connected via wiring to my HDTV, but the streaming internet I get -- including most videos on my C drive (inlucing .avi files) in selected folders, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, and other channels that sony provides streams from my computer and wireless router via Windows 7 homegroup wi-fi connection of my router to the Sony blu-ray, included as a device in my "homegroup," and then from the blu ray to my television. I don't have much mechanical skills, so actual connecting was done by a tech guy.


However, this assumes WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER is being used as far as I can tell from checking Windows solutions/help text.

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