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This year's " What ifs" give me pause for future optimism.

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None of us are happy with a 47-50 record, but as much as I  have ragged on ownership for this record, the main reason for this less than stellar season can be explained with two words " bad luck".

If the Angels had merely modest luck, I feel they would be leading the wild card. 

Here are three what ifs that could have realistically brought this team a 59-38 record at this juncture.

1.  If any two of the five starters had replaced Nolasco and Chavez this year,  it is not out of the question that the Angels could have won seven more games. This alone would bring them to 54-43.

2. If Trout does not miss 39 games, he alone could have brought the team five more wins. Assuming that two of these wins would have a;ready been accounted for with two regular starters on the mound, I would say this brings the Angels to  57-40.

3. Most fans here are not too crazy about Cron, but I still think that even with his streakiness, he gets the Angels three more wins with his power that the Angels were lacking with Valbuena.

Assuming one of these three extra wins would already be accounted for with Trout everyday and two starting pitchers, this brings the Angels to a current 59-38.

These scenarios still assume that three of the five starters are on the DL. Imagine if they all were healthy.

We would still be unhappy with the anemic offense, but our frustration would be greatly tempered.

Is this record reasonable if the Angels had had only mediocre luck?

Does this mean that the short term future might not be as bleak as some project?

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16 hours ago, eaterfan said:

Angels are the only team dealing with injuries and bad starting pitching. If they fix those two issues next year they will probably win 150 games.

They could make a sweet looking banner for that.

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3 hours ago, thebloob said:

If they scored more than their opponent every night they might win 162.  Can't throw what ifs out there. 

I throw the "what ifs"  out there because next year they can easily turn into " will be's"

My scenario would only require two of the five injured starters to be healthy and to pitch better collectively than Nolasco and Chavez.

This is very likely.

Trout had only missed four days due to injury in five years until now, so again, his health all next year is very probable.

I don't ,however, expect Cron to be an Angel next year. but it is hard to imagine that they won't get better offense at 1B  next year regardless 

20 hours ago, eaterfan said:




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7 minutes ago, Dick B Back said:

If you'd like, I'm sure you can look up the Halos records this year with and without Trout in the lineup.

His affect would need to be extrapolated for hundreds of games to get a clearer picture of his WAR value.

It is true the Angels played over their heads in his absence so these 39 games are somewhat of an anomaly., 

If they had played over the heads with Trout in the  line up, than 24-21 or better with Trout  would not be unlikely.  

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