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Royals at Home (Positive Post)


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I know people probably aren't feeling positive at the moment, myself included, but I figured I'd at least look past this crap fest the first two games have been and look at the next game.


It seems the Royals are a fairly better road team than they are home team.  Same goes for James Shields.  


The Royals as a team have scored 50 more runs on the road than they have at home.  On the flip side, they have also given up 60 more runs at home than on the road.


So while these last two games have sucked big time, it seems you can get to the Royals in their own ballpark.  The A's were able to do it during the Wild Card game and I'm more confident in our pitching to keep the score low.


As for the Angels, their record on the road is pretty good.  Not as good as their home record but still pretty decent.  The Angels also tend to score more runs on the road.  This year, the Angels scored 50 more runs on the road than they did at home.  


Some of the Angels players also seem to have success hitting at Kauffman Stadium.  Trout (.922 OPS), Pujols (1.054 OPS), Freese (.833 OPS), Aybar (1.001 OPS), Iannetta (.958 OPS), and Calhoun (1.077 OPS) all hit well at Kauffman Stadium.


Anyway, I'm still feeling down, but this isn't over until it's over.  This team is just way too good to turn over like they did in the first two games.  They took two games from us in our house, time to take two games from them in theirs.

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And CJ is worse, I think.

We'll probably win game 3 or lose on a walk-off b/c Street went two innings today.

Or if we win, Weaver on 3-days' rest ????


CJ has had some bad postseason games but I think the Royals are the type of team he will do well against.  CJ likes to nibble obviously and the Royals like to swing at balls out of the zone.  We've already seen it in the first two games of this series.  They're going to be more willing to chase stuff from CJ than other teams have.  The Royals on the  season were dead last at taking walks.  The Angels, who are a pretty free swinging team themselves, had over 100 more walks than the Royals did to give you an idea.  

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