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New TV


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I have shared before but I have had an absolutely awful experience with Samsung plasma TV's.  My most recent one died and is finally out of warranty so I had to buy a new one.  With the recent success of Panasonic, both picture and reliability, I ordered a new 2013 model 60 inch plasma.




It wasn't supposed to ship until April but I just got a notification that it shipped.  I wanted to get the VT model but after our last experience with a $3000 tv the wife was not willing to give in.  Review wise the Pannys dominate Samsung in picture quality and overall Plasma > LCD/LED.  Can't wait to get it set up.  My current TV is a first gen 3D TV which barely works as 3D.  It uses infrared glasses which are disrupted by sunlight.  This one uses Bluetooth so hopefully it is a better experience.


Anyone else have any experience with Panasonic plasmas?  I bought the 4 year warranty for $170.  No brainer considering the trouble we had with the Samsungs.

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smart move going plasma. interesting timing too because panasonic is going to kill its plasma line soon. 

just like pioneer.

theyre just too expensive to make.


sad too because LCDs suck compared.


i have a pioneer elite plasma, the KURO, and its still flat out amazing. 

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Yeah my old TV was plasma too.  I love plasma, just terrible experience with Samsung.  They only lasted 6-12 months before needing warranty repairs.  I had four different panels installed and a complete replacement TV in three years.

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Yeah, back in 2009 when I bought the first one it was Samsung and Pioneer and I didn't want to spend 5k on a Pioneer.


Looking back spending 3k on the Samsung was a total waste of money.  The good thing about Panasonic is even the model that I am getting which is their third highest line, still has higher picture quality than any LCD/LED on the market and better than any of the Samsung plasmas as well.  Only 3 HDMI ports bothers me a bit but I have a Harmon Kardon receiver with 4 HDMI inputs, just doesn't support HDMI 1.4 so I can't run 3D video sources through it.


Only really have the PS3 and DirecTV receiver that do HDMI anyway, can use the last port for the laptop if necessary.

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I've had a Samsung Plasma for years with not a single issue.  I have one plasma, one 3 LCD and one LED.  I love the LED for movies, but not for sports, it leaves a tail when a ball is thrown.  The Plasma is by far the best TV in the house for sports.

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I have a 40 inch LED in my office. For a secondary tv it is fine but if it were my primary I would hate it.

Some people are lucky with Samsung. A quick google search will reveal how major their issues are. The most common issue is with error diffusion which is a red or purple hue showing up when lighter colors are displayed. You can temporarily fix it by replacing the XY board but it gets so bad you have to replace the panel which costs as much as the TV if it is out of warranty.

I have a PN58C8000 and before that a PN58B850 both required multiple warranty repairs.

3D is not really a feature I care much about. It is cool in some applications but my experience with consumer TV 3D is that it doesn't come close to the quality you get at the theatre.

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Whenever any electronics with a power supply breaks down it's a good idea to check the capacitors before chucking it out.

They are those little aluminum "cans" inside. They look like this:7714791E3A53D4621F72572F344EB4CA.jpg

If any of them are puffy (convex) on top then you can replace it for $1 or so with a new cap and and  a soldering iron. I fixed my tv and then my sister's plasma a year later. A few other things as well. They skimp on power supplies too often. Save a few pennies on an off brand cap and lose a $1K TV. 

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dont feel bad, even if if you got it you would be mocked at the country club.

the article says there is going to be a 110" one coming next.

real ballers go for that one.

ima have to check my loveseat too i think there are a couple dimes in there.


I'm trying to imagine who would buy a 110" television. Somebody with more money than sense.

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