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Great Job Shoemaker


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He is the reason why I still think we have a chance in this series.  Wilson vs Shields is quite honestly a toss up.  You never know which CJ were getting, but the Royals are far from the worst possible matchup for him this postseason.  You also dont know what Shields your going to get.  Weaver on short rest can still be effective, but Shoemaker on normal rest can clinch this series.  

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It's ironic isn't it? The biggest question going into this post season was our Starting Pitchers. Weaver and Shoe were both dominant enough to earn wins yet didn't because of our offense mailing it in. Now the biggest concern is if they're going to show up in KC or they've called it a season. I have a feeling we'll get a repeat of games 1&2 in game 3, minus the extra innings. I think CJ and staff will give up less than 3 but that will be enough for Shields to get the W. 

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Send Nibs packing and get whatever you can for him in players and salary commitment from that other org!

Then by May you have GRich, Weaver, Shoemaker, and Santiago.

Get a cheap option to fill in.

Forget Shields, Scherzer, and Lester.

All will likely turn out to be fools gold just like Ghost Pujols and Roger Dorn Hackilton have been and will be!

Time to do something daring, and DUMP Hackilton now and take whatever you can get in salary relief. You ain't getting any worthwhile talent for him. THAT doesn't matter. He is a team destroyer!

Somehow convince Ghost Pujols that his time will have arrived in 3 years to retire.

Tell Trout to stop taking every first pitch!

It's not cute anymore.

Also tell him to go back to being a more power hitting version of Rickey, and not this A-Fraud lookalike we get now who can't steal bases!

Start utilizing the Latin American and Japanese talent that exists. There is NOOOO excuse to ignore it!

Start emulating the Cards, O's, Nats, Giants, Royals model, and STOP emulating the Skanks, Latriners, and the early Angelos O's ! That don't work!

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