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March/April Strength of Schedule

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"Among the teams with the 10 worst March/April records last season, only two (A’s, Los Angeles Angels) finished the season above .500....


...Things won’t be any easier this season, as the Angels will face more 2012 playoff teams (17 games) in the opening month than any other major league team...

...Texas Rangers. Don’t be surprised if they finish with the majors’ best March/April record again this season. The Rangers are the only team that won’t face a single 2012 playoff team in the early going, and 10 of their match-ups are against the Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs and Minnesota Twins."





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dumb. the angels had a pretty weak schedule at the beginning of last year. plus, the rangers have to travel more for interdivisional games


Last year is last year. Didn't the Rangers have an off day yesterday? Must be nice to have an off day between two interdivisional games.

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Is there any way to find an the Angels schedule with the game times from the games they've already played?


I'm trying to figure out how many day games they've already played and can't find one...


the game times have been listed on the "Series Previews" on the AW blog...there is one for the Reds series and one for this series as well...that might help.

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^Thanks for that, I found what I needed. 


Now I'm not making any excuses for the teams performance, but you do have to admit they've had a screwy schedule to start the season (including that whack day off after the season opener). BIG SURPRISE from the MLB Scheduling Squad, right?


(all times are Pacific)


April 1st: 1 pm 

April 2nd: Day off

April 3rd: 4 pm

April 4th: 9:30 am (then travel to Texas)

April 5th: 8 am

April 6th; 10 am

April 7th: 3 pm


I mean, they don't have TWO games with the same starting time during the first week of the season. That sucks!


Finally starting on April 9th, they will have 4 games that start at 7pm at home. Again, I'm not making any excuses but I can tell you when you're dicking around with starting times like that it's gotta be tough to get comfortable and get into a groove with a daily routine.

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