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EPSN Fantasy Baseball - TWO Team Owner spots


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I have TWO spots open in an ESPN Fantasy League Baseball league that was started with AngelsWin.com members some 15 years ago or so (time flies).

It is an EIGHT team league, we have SIX spots filled - some with the original members from 15 years ago.

This is a fun league that is designed to not take up to much time and be very convenient -- it is an auto-pick draft, rotissierie (spelled wrong) scoring. The league is designed for those who want to keep up with MLB players but are not hard core FLB types addicted to fantasy games.

We do an auto pick draft because the league owners are busy people and trying to coordinate getting folks at the same time (forget about the same place) for a live draft is logistically impossible and too time consuming to set up.  This league is fun and NOT time consuming. You can make line up changes at your convenience any time of day or night. It can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes a week if you keep somewhat of a set line up and arrange your starting pitching for the week.   GRAND PRIZE: Bragging rights and personal fulfillment/ contentment.  it does make following the MLB season - all teams - all players - more fun IMO.

It is a KEEPER league and if you want to sign on you will have the roster from last year's team of non-returning owners. You will be able to pick up to FIVE KEEPERS - deadline in March 19.

the auto-pick draft is March 22.

We do not have many rules (well the first and foremost rule is HAVE FUN) - but one rule we do have that is VERY important - is that if sign on to be a team owner - PLEASE PLAY ALL SEASON LONG right to the last game of the season.  To do otherwise is not fair to all the other league owners and each owner's participation (or lack of same) impacts the whole league. We have had folks drop out mid-season because their team was hopelessly out of it and when that happens - it impacts the entire league standings ** (see footnote).

The cost is FREE. Please send me an e-mail at  : tj.staffel@comcast.net  if you would like ONE of the two spots.  Because I am not an IT whiz of any sort - please include your e-mail address in the e-mail you send me so that I can properly send you a league invite.  The time table is short --please respond ASAP - pretty much first request, first served. let me know.

** a story about an Angelswin.com poster who signed up for the league a number of years ago and then, just stopped participating about mid-season.  His team was not doing that well at mid-season and he stopped making any roster/ line up moves.  Somehow from midseason to the end of the year, the guy's team moved from last to about third place or so. Amazing.  About a month after the season ended, a message/ e-mail went out to all the team owners apologizing for the lack of participation - it was from the guy's wife. The guy had passed away about mid-season !!  I just did not have the heart to let her know that her husband's team flourished from mid-season on and finished the year strong !!!

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