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I was looking at a USA Today article "25 MLB Trade Targets"

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What would it take?  Do we have the Rondon's to secure a few of these guys?....https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2017/07/23/nationals-rookie-league-team-pitches-two-no-hitters-doubleheader/503192001/

18. 2B Yangervis Solarte, San Diego Padres 

6. LHP Brad Hand, San Diego Padres

9. LHP Felipe Rivero, Pittsburgh Pirates

2. OF Marcell Ozuna 19. OF Christian Yelich Miami Marlins


1. Do we have enough parts and kids to run some kind of a package to the Marlins for both either one of the OF'ers and Dee Gordon? Would we have to also take Martin Prado's salary as well?

2. I'm just tired of us not having more than a single meh Lefty in the Bully! Hand and a Rivero would be a serious upgrade.

3. Maybe, talks with the Pirates could start with McCutchen and Gerrit Cole. There was previous talk of them getting away from McCutchen's contract and being frustrated with Cole. And add in the young lefty bully arm in Rivero?

4. What would it take to pry Solarte and Hand away from the Padres?



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1. We have the parts (prospects and money) to pull off just about any trade we want at this point. The question is, do we want to sacrifice three years of good drafting and building a farm in order to acquire these players. The answer is probably not. But if someday in 2-3 years if we have a surplus of everything, then we can consider dealing the surplus.

2. Eppler doesn't believe in signing or trading for high profile relievers, at least to the best of our knowledge. He's shown a willingness to build with low profile failed starters, and it's been wildly successful so far.

3. Pittsburgh is back over .500 and firmly entrenched in the playoff race in the NL Central. They aren't selling.

4. It would take prospects, ones we've just accumulated, ones that are the future of our team. Not time to sacrifice our future. 

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Solarte and Hand would probably be the most realistic, but their cost wouldn't be worth it. 
Marlins GM has said he's waiting until offseason before dealing any outfielders.

Felipe Rivero would cost a fortune and as Scotty said, Eppler has been set on building the pen cheaply. 

If Gordon could be had by absorbing his contract and maybe floating a fringe prospect, or two fringier prospects, I'd be fine with it.

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