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The Latest from the AngelsWin.com Blog - Tim Salmon at the 2013 AngelsWin.com Spring Training Fanfest

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How do you sum up an evening with Mr. Angel? As the first ofour guest speakers, Tim Salmon got the party rolling at the 2013 AngelsWin.comSpring Training Fanfest as our first of many guests in the evening.

The AngelsWin.com Board of Directors started off the talkwith a few questions that they had prepared for the Kingfish. Emceed by ChuckRichter, the founder of AngelsWin.com, he asked how Tim's relationship withMike Scioscia has evolved from being a player on the team to an analyst in thebroadcast booth. In one of the most interesting and challenging questions, Chuck asked him which outfield was the best onein which he played; Anderson/Edmonds/Salmon or Anderson/Erstad/Salmon. Thecomparison between the two made Tim think quite a bit, andled to an interesting comparison of the style of play between Edmonds and Erstad.  

Click below to listen watch part 1 of the AngelsWin.com 2013Spring Training Fanfest talk with Tim Salmon.

Tim Salmon 2013 AngelsWin Spring Training Fanfest Part 1 from AngelsWin.com on Vimeo.

After finishing up with the Board of Directors questions,Tim then opened up the questions to the audience. And, as he put it, he “didn’tdrive all the way out [there] for nothing.” He answered questions about whatholes he has seen in Mike Trout’s swing to which was his favorite stadium tovisit as a player.

Tim was very gracious with the fans, answering questions forover a half hour, posing for photographs with fans, and signing autographs.Fans could not have gotten a better experience with the 2002 World Series Hero!He spoke for so long that we had to divide the interview in half in order tofit it all on the internet!

Click below to listen to part 2 of the AngelsWin.com 2013Spring Training Fanfest talk with Tim Salmon. It’s an interview that any Angelsfan won’t want to miss.

Tim Salmon 2013 AngelsWin Spring Training Fanfest Part 2 from AngelsWin.com on Vimeo.afioubDV7XY

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Here's the intro and questions I asked Tim in our session with the Kingfish! 


Some of questions by the fans in attendance were even better. 



Tim Salmon Intro
Career Highlights, Awards, and Accolades:
* Named 1992 Minor League Player of the Year by Baseball America & The Sporting News
* Named 1993 AL Rookie of the Year by Baseball Writers of America
* Named 1993 AL Rookie of the Year by The Sporting News
* Named 2002 AL Comeback Player of the Year by The Sporting News
* Named outfielder on The Sporting News AL All-Star Team in 1995 and 1997
* Named outfielder on The Sporting News AL Silver Slugger Team in 1995
* Hit 30 or more home runs in five seasons
* Compiled a lifetime .883 OPS
* And last but definitely not least, Tim Salmon was a member of the World Series Champion Anaheim Angels in 2002 – which included a grand performance in game two where Tim went 4-4 with two home runs, four runs batter, three runs scored and a walk.
Until 2012, Tim Salmon remained the only Angels player that won the Rookie of the Year Award, though when Angels fans remember him, it won't be just the stats, the big home runs or awards that they think of, but Tim Salmon the person. Tim Salmon was the quintessential gentleman of the game of Baseball.
Questions for Tim Salmon
Baseball is a game that teaches life lessons. What have been some of the most important lessons that the game has taught you?
You have coached both Minor Leaguers and Little Leaguers. Which is easier, and what do you most try to teach each group?
Angels fans have gotten lucky with your analysis during the game. From your perspective, how has the transition gone from player to analyst, and what do you most try to bring to each broadcast?
How has your relationship with Mike Scioscia evolved from being a player and hero on the 2002 World Championship team to an analyst who may have to comment on the in-game decisions?
As the Angels’ only Rookie of the Year winner who has experienced a sophomore season afterwards, what Mike Trout expect from the league in his sophomore season, and what advice do you have for him to make this year a successful campaign?
The 2013 Angels team is featuring one of the greatest Angels outfields since you played with either Erstad and Anderson or Edmonds and Anderson. Which was the greatest outfield that you played with, and in your opinion, how would the 2013 outfield compare?
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That was an awesome Q&A session with the Kingfish. He gave such good answers. I especially like his answers about the steroids issue and what was the better outfield of (Erstad, Edmonds, GA, himself) or (Trout, Trumbo, Hamilton, Bourjos, Hunter) and what Trout can expect to see from pitchers in his sophomore season.


Good stuff.

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