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Forum Server Performance issues RESOLVED



Please let me know what you think.

It's screaming fast for me now and I tried across 5 different devices and 4 different browsers. 

Also, a big thanks to @Thomas for helping me setup Linux server caching (I'm a windows guy) today. 

There was two rogue media ads that were (used to be 4) on the bottom of the topic pages that were sucking the performance out of the server and causing some older machines and weak connections to crash when trying to post. I have removed all of those ads, so what used to take for some, 4-12 seconds to post is now instant to 1.5 seconds. 

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Attention iPad users.. @Tank @arch stanton and others.

Stuck in desktop view with tons of ads & images that may be bogging down your performance? Here's 3 steps to going back to the mobile view on your iPads that will greatly improve your browsing and posting performance on your tablet device. 

1. Clear your browser cookies from Safari's cache, close the app completely and then force restart the iPad. If you clear the cache, you will clearing the website data/cookies but no the history or any bookmarks.
2. Go to Settings>Safari>Advanced>Website Data>Edit>Tap on yahoo.com. Tap the red circle on the left and then tap delete. When finished tap Done. Alternatively, you can clear all cookies in Settings>Safari>Advanced>Website Data>Clear all website data.

3. Close Safari. Press the Home button two times quickly. You'll see small previews of your recently used apps. Swipe left to find the app you want to close. Swipe up on the app's preview to close it.

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4 hours ago, AngelsLakersFan said:

While performance is no longer an issue on my end, and the memory leak has been patched, the site still runs at about 5 times the memory consumption of other tabs and more than any other app. I imagine a lot of device might still have some trouble running it smoothly.

That's because this website uses HTML5 with live notifications/updates. This website, like Twitter and Facebook, will always use more server memory because of that reason.

We're no longer an old bulletin board on an Microsoft Access Database, Dorothy.


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On 3/28/2017 at 9:42 AM, arch stanton said:

It's better now but like ALF said it's a memory hog running all the stuff I'll never look at. I guess I could retire this old iPad 2 but I'll probably just mosy along for another year first

@arch stanton do you primarily use the iPad 2 for browsing? 

You might want to look at our ad-free options like some of our members have.


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1 hour ago, arch stanton said:

No. I mostly browse on laptop or my work desktop. The ipad is slow regardless of what site I browse but for a week or 2 it was basically useless. Not so bad now

Yeah, once I enabled disk caching and got rid of some of the media/video ads, the forum performance became 10x better.

But one thing I will say, if you are using a tablet or iPad, make sure that you're browsing via the mobile view, not the desktop. That will speed up things quite a bit.

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