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ESPN Fantasy Baseball league - one spot open

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Baseball is back so it's time to get ready for 2022.

We have a fantasy baseball league through ESPN that was started through this AngelsWin. com board way back when it was on ESPN.

it's an 8 team league -- it is designed for fans who want to play Fantasy League Baseball but do not allow it to take over their lives 24/7 as sometimes happen.

what this means is we have a roto pick draft (I think its called a snake draft and if team owners want to participate when the draft is held - as in a live draft -- you can do so -- but there's no requirement that you be available on your computer at any given time.  Most of us in this league simply are too busy to commit to being on one place at the same time on draft day -- so we do the roto/ snake draft option.

This means you can participate , pick and change line ups - but can do so with as little as five minutes time per day or every three to five days as you can set your line up for the coming week.

There is ONE spot open.  There is NO COST to join. The BIG WINNER's PRIZE is BRAGGING RIGHTS.

Also - it's a KEEPER LEAGUE - and as the league commissioner I have picked the KEEPERS (Five of them) for the team you would be getting -- if you sign up before the upcoming draft, you would be able to modify and change the Keepers that have been selected for your team.

so it's fantasy league baseball that allows you to be more connected to the season and follow all players without taking over your life 24/7 (Believe me, it happens to some folks).

Anyway - if you're interested -please e-mail me 


we do make one very important/ qualifier - if you want to join us - GREAT - but we ask that if you do request to be the new team owner in our league that you commit to playing all the way through to the final game of the regular season.  What happens sometimes is a team owner feels they are out of contention and just quit making like up changes on a regular basis and just quit participating,. The way the scoring works each team's standing/ points impacts every other team in the standings - so please play right to the final out of the season.

If you want IN, e-mail me.



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Good luck this year guys. I got zero relief pitchers in the draft last year and failed to see there was a starts limit. I literally couldn't trade for a reliever, nor was I going to drop SP to make them available.

Not having an in person (via zoom or an app) draft killed it for me. But I did watch it every day, so I didn't quit. Just couldn't do much.

Anyway, Have fun.


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What's up Staffel.  I haven't played fantasy baseball in many years now.  Got hooked on the football.  If I can pick when the draft is I will take the last spot if open. Like Hubs said though last I remember in ESPN when it auto-drafted you would end up with six shortstops and no closers. 

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