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CIF HS basketball playoff format is the worst

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They are endless.  They use confusing I-AA and I-AAA brackets that they do not use in any other sports I know of.  Heck, teams from the same league can play in different 'divisions'.  Some of the first round matchups are ridiculously one-sided.


And they go on forever.  A team can lose in the CIF semi finals, and then re-appear in the state playoffs.  That makes no sense, and contributes to this ginormous blob of games that never ends.  I turned on the TV friday night, watching Etiwanda beat Mater Dei.  Awesome, MD is dead for the year, nobody likes them and their celebrity dads.  Only come to find out, they are still playing in the state playoffs.


The basketball CIF playoffs need some serious trimming.



Best CIF state playoffs: Wrestling and Track and Field.  No divisions, just Sections, Masters and State.

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The state wrestling meet sells out the 10,000 seat arena in Bakersfield every year, and I know the state Track and Field did the same in Cerritos (not sure where it is now - Clovis?)


The state volleyball playoffs use the same fakakta set up as basketball and I doubt they draw much.  Losing in the semis of the CIF, then making the state tourney is stoopid.

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yeah, i was kidding. I've been to the Cerritos meets before.


after a 2 second search, i found this:




"... Sayre took fifth place,  winning his final match by default and going 4-1 over  two days. Smith pinned Oak Hills Anthony Jimenez at 1:53 to take seventh place. He finished 4-2 over the two days.

All three will be making their first appearances at State. Mitchell said it's nice knowing that company will be joining him along the way."




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Good point, Lou.  I guess I consider the Masters meet like a prelim in the olympics, where the top "x" amount of qualifiers move on.  The goal in team sports is to win a CIF title, not lose in the semis, then get 'picked' to go to state tournament.


Can you then tell me what I-AAA or II-AA divisions mean in basketball?


Or D1 vs. Open?


Because in wrestling or track, when you win the state title, you are the state champ.  What is the D1 vs Open state champ?

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State tourney has six divisions, namely Div 1 thru 5 and the Open Division.  The Open division is chosen from the best teams regardless of which division they are in.  



The open division will be for teams from any division, any section and regardless of enrollment.

Criteria include:
*Winning two straight section titles
*Playing in a regional final in three of the previous four years
*Appearing in the top 10 of the Cal-Hi Sports, MaxPreps or CalPreps rankings for two straight years, including the current one.

Two other considerations will be that no section is required to send more than four teams to either boys or girls brackets and that the eight-team open division brackets do not have to be completely filled. The four-team minimum rule mostly will apply to the CIF Southern Section in Southern California and the CIF North Coast Section in Northern California.

Section commissioners in the north and south will determine the open division brackets once the section playoffs are completed. They would then seed the other five divisions just as they always have and would fill in spots left by teams moving up to the open division probably with additional semifinalist or quarterfinalist section playoff teams.

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