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Proboards frustrations

Vegas Halo Fan

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I hope that this is the right forum for this.


I operate a college football board on Proboards. Without any warning to anyone, Proboards completely changed the format and the login process. I am asked for my user name and password, which I enter. I am then asked for a Proboards password, which is apparently separate and distinct from my home board login (how this can be, I have no idea). The system rejects everything that I enter. When I try to recover this apparently classified password, the e-mail never arrives. I sent a message to support@proboards.com, which came back bounced. I can't even log into the support forum, because it requires this mysterious Proboards password that apparently only they know.


To add to my already mounting annoyance, they have also now added a "prove you are human" component to this mysterious password recovery process, meaning that each new attempt means watching a commercial and waiting for a magic phrase to type in before I can request recovery - which doesn't work anyway.


From what I can see of their new layout, it sucks. Everything is stretched and all the posts are centered, which makes for very tedious reading.


Any ideas?

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Have you tried unplugging the computer, and plugging it back in?


You must work for Cox.


Mystery solved. As part of a gigantic overhaul of their message board system (which they didn't bother to inform system administrators of beforehand), they added a "master" password which none of the administrators had yet set. The problem was that when I tried to obtain or reset said mystery password, due to a glitch in the system the e-mail necessary to do so was never generated. They apparently didn't know that this was even an issue until I called them (and getting their number was no easy feat).

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