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The Latest from the Blog We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!


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By Geoff Stoddart, AngelsWin.com Director of Social Media --

“In the beginning Chuck created AngelsWin.com. And the site was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the message board.”

We’ve come a long way since the humble genesis of AngelsWin.com. (See what I did there?) What started out as just an inkling has turned into the “Internet Home of Angel Fans!”

Technology has also come a long way since the initial launch of our website. Once accessed primarily via large desktop computers, members now want to engage with us via laptops, smartphones and tablets. Technology has changed the way people communicate and engage over the internet, and it’s clear we need to change too. But our old website’s architecture was not up to the challenge, even though we were. So the message was clear … “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

With all of this as a backdrop, we’re very excited to announce the launch of the NEW AngelsWin.com! Completely redesigned and rebuilt, the new AngelsWin.com will provide members with a user experience never before possible!

We’ve been kicking the tires on the new site in the background for about 3 weeks and the list of features and functionality seems almost endless. Every time we think we’ve got our arms around it all, someone discovers some other cool new thing. You’re going to love it! Especially the ShoutBox!

While the feature list is way too long to list out, I’ll hit on three of the more important ones: Mobility, Social and Customization.

The world has gone mobile. Smartphones and tablets are the new face of technology. When building the new AngelsWin.com, mobility was our main driving force. We wanted our members to be able to access and interact with the site anywhere, on any device. The new AngelsWin.com has a built-in mobile skin that enables users of any mobile device to access our community on the go. Mobile devices are automatically detected so users see the optimum display of the site.

We live in the age of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit … they’re the public square of the 21st century. The new AngelsWin.com with allow users the opportunity to link their social media accounts with their AngelsWin account. (Note: you can turn this feature on or off as you see fit.)

Want to let the people in your social media circle know about a thread discussion on AngelsWin.com? Simply check a box on the thread and the topic is added to Facebook and/or Twitter immediately. Oh yeah, you can also LIKE a post or a thread!

I almost don’t even know where to start with this one. There are so many things you can customize in the new site, it’s kind of ridiculous. But ridiculous in the coolest way ever!

Do you like that with Facebook and Twitter you’re able to customize the way your page looks with custom colors, backgrounds and pictures? Yeah … we like that too, so we made that feature available on your AngelsWin.com profile page!
There are many more exciting new things about the site we’ll be rolling out in the weeks and months to come. The new architecture is going to allow us to provide you with the user experience Angel fans deserve and expect. Look for another pre-launch announcement to better equip you for the changes soon.

The new AngelsWin.com will be launched on or before February 25th. We can’t wait for you to see it, engage with it and tell your friends and family about it! It’s not just cool … it’s #Troutstanding!

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