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  1. A-Fraud and Mommy are both cheating phonies. Our society loves a good phony.
  2. Plaschke at his best in this series he's been doing on a Northern California football team who lost everything in the fires last year. Great read if you have a few minutes.
  3. He gone.
  4. Just because a pitch is so filthy that it fools an umpire and is difficult for a catcher to frame doesn't mean it's not a strike. Bring on the robots and take the subjectivity out of umpiring.
  5. The Sabres lost their cool after Rowney's hit on Olofsson. They were never able to regain their composure. Great win last night.
  6. It makes sense. Hitters like soft toss before they hit live. This was Maddon's warmup before facing the real media.
  7. 'Jefferson, who was black, worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative.'
  8. and without Harper must make it even sweeter for that organization. I'd assume they can keep Rendon now with the money they almost wasted on Bryce.
  9. Could any of you be this bad at your job and survive?
  10. Do you mean Christian Hosoi? . if at Mexican.
  11. You can't tell me that if the shoe were on the other foot that vets like Verlander and Cole wouldn't be encouraging some mid-level bullpen guy to do the same thing. Hinch, especially being a former catcher, would put the hit on our guy. F'ing hypocrites. And lol at a 43 year old man wearing leggings and tennis shoes with a suit. You're a clown, Byrnes.